DI/EMT reporting dates for Indoc

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    We are trying to make plane reservations for DS to come home for a short visit this summer and are trying to get ~hard dates so we can buy the plane tickets before they get too ridiculously expensive. Our 4/C DS expects to work during Indoc this summer as an EMT. He is on A split and is in BandCo. So, if all mids have to stay at KP for Commencement, his “summer” at home near the left coast will be very short, like about 4 or 5 days. Hopefully someone on the forum has been through this and can help us with a couple of questions:

    How early do the EMTs and DIs need to report before the start of Indoc?
    How likely is it for DS to get special leave to miss Commencement if he is in BandCo (so he can spend a few more days at home)?
    Does every mid have to work Indoc during their time at KP (i.e. will DS have to work additional summer’s at KP)?
    Is the requirement any different for A and B splits?
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    Our DS work the waterfront at Indoc last summer, and we also live on the west coast. He was given permission to skip graduation. He left following his last final. That was the only way that we were able to see him. Sometimes the folks at KP do not think about what it's like for mids whose families are thousands of miles away. But if your DS/DD asks, usually some accomodation can be made.
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    I'll try to answer most of these as someone who worked two Indocs as an EMT.

    1)How early do EMT/DI's report: I don't have the '12 calendar, but I think it's out. Looking at last years the EMT/DI's reported on 27JUN and the new candidates reported on 08JUL.......so about 12 days before indoc.

    2)Likely to get special leave? Very likely, he needs to route the request as noted above. (just noticed the Band Co part.....might be a bit harder if he is needed to perform at commencement.)

    3)Does every mid have to work? No. Usually for EMT it is purely voluntary

    4)Is the reqm't diff A/B split. No, but for each split it is harder to work one or the other indoc as it is during sea year or at the end of one sea year.
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    This is from Catherine DeCoursey, the liason for the Parent's associations.
    The Academic year 2010-2011 ends on Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011. Travel plans should not start prior to 1600 (4:00 pm) on the 21st.

    Summer session attendees must report to the Academy on Sunday, 26 Jun 2011. This is also the date that Midshipmen participating in Indoc must also report to the Academy.

    All other Midshipmen (2012, 2013 A, and 2014 A) must report to the Academy no later than 1200 (12 noon) on Sunday, 24 Jul 2011.
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    Thanks, ShutterbugC! We're waiting for DD to get the official officer's list for next year. But there is a good chance she will need to be back for Indoc. This date gives us something to plan around. It looks like we'll have at least a month at the end of her sea term. Yay! Of course, she'll be bored and cranky after about 10 days. . . .:rolleyes:

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