Diabetes Mellitus


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Jun 27, 2007
My dad was just recently (a few days ago) diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. On the DODMERB website, a history of it disqualifies me from going into the military. He got it because he became obese and finally it came around to bite him in the behind. My family did all we could to not let him get it but he was too stubborn.
I, on the other hand, am perfectly healthy besides that flaw in my history. But that's the thing;:confused: is it considered my history now? Did my father's unhealthy choices and ways just crush something that I actually thought I had a chance at-- my dream? :frown:
This is your fathers history, not yours. Example, just because your father breaks a leg, does not mean you have a history of a broken bone. Same with diabetes. There is a chance that you will be at higher risk for getting diabetes later in life, but just becuase your father has it now and you do not, does not give you a history of diabetes.

The medical history questionnaire does not ask about family history, it asks about YOUR history.
I am a diabetic. My son is in the class of 2011 USNA. He was never even asked about family medical history.