Difference in Army and Marines?

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by HiMyNameisNick, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Im curious as to what the differences are between service in the Army and the Marines.

    Im not just looking for major differences, the minor differences are important too.

    Hopefully some who have been employed in the armed services can gve their insight that would be helpful.

    Im trying to decide bewteen the Naval Academy and West point, im not sure which Academy would be better for me. If I attended the Naval Academy I would definately choose the Marine Option upon graduation (hopefully I would get selected for the Marine option I know there is a possibility I wont)
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    Not to make light of your question, but as vague as many answers can be, if you simply go to google and search: "difference between the army and the marines", you will find more information that you'd care to know. From the difference in their basic training to their missions. Seriously, do a quick google search and you'll know what the difference is.
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    If you really want to know that- here is the link to FM1
    I don't really think though that tells the OP much about the differences between the two services. It is however a pretty open ended question that I am not sure I can answer. I would say that 10 years ago the Marines were typically more expeditionary in focus than the Army- that is no longer true- the Army is as focused on deployability as the USMC for the most part (they have been rotating Brigade sized units and packages for 8 years into Afghanistan and Iraq. A big difference I believe: The Army still has a far higher percentage of CS/CSS (Combat Support and Services of Support) units than does the USMC (think logistics/logistics support type units) and I believe that the difference between the two services is most apparent in those type of units. I think that while the organization of a Marine Infantry platoon and company is somewhat different than an Army Infantry platoon or company, they would not feel all that different and the training, tactics and the quality of the soldiers and Marines is not all that different.

    However, I think that Marine logistics units are significantly different feeling than Army units. I do believe the Marines imbue all of their personnel with the training and belief that they are warriors first and then logisticians - while my experience with non-combat arms Army Officers and soldiers is that most of them are pretty far removed from the world of the Infantry. Finally- the Army as an organization is more of a corporate concensus type organization at the top. Periodically the USMC will select a commandant who basically will change the entire organization and pull few or no punches when he believes the Marines are being told to do something harmful to themselves or the country. Gen Al Gray in the mid 80s springs to mind.The Army Cof S on the other hand- I can not imagine ever just single handedly making over the service, and I don't believe that I can imagine an Army CofS falling on his sword if he disagreed with his marching orders.
    I spent a career in the Army and I love it, but there are some aspects of the USMC that I admire a lot. You can't go wrong in going into either.
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    I would wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments, with the possible exception of Shinseki. While I don't agree with many of the things he did, he gets a lot of the credit for the modular force structure, which did away with a lot of time-tested ideas like the DIVCAV, DIVARTY, Corps ARTY, and others. I wouldn't say his effect was necessarily net positive, but it was certainly far-reaching.

    Otherwise, I would agree. The real difference is in the soft skill MOS's. That, and it's easier to change the direction of a Corps than an Army.
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    One bunch can swim. The other can't. :biggrin:

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