Disappointed with Type 2


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Jan 29, 2009
I´ve been offered a Type 2 technical AFROTC scholarship, and I want to accept, but I need to know if I have a chance of getting a type 1 later on in college. Does anyone know if they give out type 1s in college? Is it possible to get a better scholarship in the in-college program if you do really well during your freshman and sophomore year?
To my understanding, those awarded a scholarship in-college receive type 2s, so probably not.
hopeful is right only type 2 are given out, plus you might be rolling your dice b/c there are other types that offer less (as low as 3K) per yr. Plus, remember that the DOD was asked to cut 10% of their budget. Next yr with this economy it could become more competitive with less scholarships. You also don't know how well you will fare during your freshman yr, you might not do as well and they could give you just 3K.

Here is the link for in college scholarships
Upgrade to Type 1

You do have an opportunity to apply for upgrading this to Type 1. Google AFROTC INSTRUCTION 36-2019 to see the process and rules. Check Section 3. It says that ICSP selectees cannot compete for a Type 1 upgrade until the summer after they have activated their scholarship and students on a Type 2 CSP scholarship may also compete for the Type 1 after they have activated their scholarship for at least one full term. Selections are highly competitive -- so there's no guarantee.