Discouraged, what should I do/need on my resume?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by dlee96, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Hello to all, I am currently a SOPHOMORE in high school. I am feeling very discouraged with my resume but here it is.

    -3.851 gpa (of 4.0 unweighted, will most likely be around 3.92-3.93 around end of high school)
    -mostly honors/AP and advanced classes
    -class rank mostly likely top 10%
    -ACT: 28 (will get up)
    -PSAT:192 (taking again)

    -varsity swim, have letter, 2nd year varsity
    -near max scores with CFA (practice, not real)

    -Model UN co-founder/co-president
    -predetermined Boys State delegate
    -National Spanish Honor Society
    -Key Club officer
    -Science Olympiad officer
    -National Honor Society

    -I live in a competitive district according to my liason officer, so i dont know how that affects everthing
    -I am also a male Korean, so does that affect my admission? I know race plays a part...
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    You are discouraged because...

    You have a great looking resume, but then again I'm not very knowledgable on the subject. The only thing that I've seen on others on this site who have gotten in is community service. And I think that Korean/Asian is no longer considered an under represented minority.
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    If you review the class profiles from recent years you'll see that a majority of in-coming Plebes have resumes that look similar to yours - but add theater, band, public speaking, most also work some and volunteer in their community.

    So yes, you're competitive.

    Curious why you would retake the PSAT? Why not take the SAT instead?

    A competitive district just means that there are usually many well qualified candidates for the MoC's nomination slate.

    All that said, the one sure way to not get an appointment is don't apply.
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    @osdad: The OP should retake the PSAT to be a competitor in the National Merit Scholarship "contest." IIRC, only participants who will complete HS one school year after taking the test (i.e. HS juniors at the time of the PSAT) are considered for scholarships. My Ensign took the PSAT both as a sophomore and as a junior in HS.

    to the OP: Verify with your HS counselor that my info is correct. In addition to re-taking the PSAT, I agree with osdad that it's not too early for you to take the ACT/SAT.
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    Repeat as Necessary

    Also, you can repeat these tests to get your best scores for your application. The admissions board will take the highest scores from different tests, meaning if you take the SAT several times and your highest math and english scores come from different test dates, they will use these highest scores (same goes for ACT) on your application. For example, let's say your SAT english/math scores from Oct 2012 are 710/740 and the same scores from Dec 2012 are 730/700, admissions will consider your SAT english/math scores to be 730/740. Admissions doesn't care how many times you take tests. They just care about the scores. In addition, keep in mind if an answer you seek here is ever questionable, call admissions or your BGO for verification. The folks there are very nice and helpful.

    Since you mentioned Boys State, if you are selected for Boys State and Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS), go to Boys State. There are numerous posts here that say the same thing. Boys State and NASS may sound far away but you'll be surprised how quickly deadlines come during your application cycle. Stay on top of your record, stay informed and stay focused. Then, before you'll know it, you'll be a member of the USNA Mailbox Stalkers Club.
    Good luck...
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    Your resume looks pretty good. I would not rest on your minority status as a Korean, however. That sort of discrimination is not holding water like it did under Admiral Fowler. Discrimination based on ethnicity is not a good thing, even if it's to benefit a minority. USNA does have a diverse community because they have plenty of qualified candidates from all races. That said, just keep doing your best.
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    Also, East Asians are not an under-represented minority.

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