Dislocated knee cap


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Dec 11, 2006
I dislocated my knee cap at lacrosse practice. Had an MRI. The results were negative for anything but a pulled ligament. My doctor wants to scope my knee to make sure that there is not a bone chip or a small tear. My ACL seems fine. I contacted the Naval Academy and was transferred to the medical officer. I left a message. What procedure can I expect in regards to DoDMERB. My doctor said that I should be 100% in about four weeks. My surgery is this friday. Thanks for any input.

First thing I would do is to call DoDMERB as soon as possible. Let them know what happened. If you are currently medically qualified they will change your status to remedial requested, and they will request copies of all medical records concerning the dislocated knee. If the scope comes up negative, then as soon as you are released to full activities by your physician then DoDMERB will put you back into a qualified status.

If there is a small tear in either the MCL or LCL and its repaired, again, once you are released to full activities you will be found medically qualified. If its an ACL or PCL tear, even minor, then it will be a disqualification. It’s too early to start worrying about that.

So make sure you call DoDMERB, and even though your medical status will change, there will be no change to your admissions package. I would wait until your physician has released you to full activities before sending in the medical records, but ensure that when you do send them in you include all the medical records, including the operative report and physical therapy records.

The number for DoDMERB is 719-333-3562, at the first menu select option #1, and at the second menu select option #3 for the Sea Services. Their hours are 6:30 - 3:30 MST, M - F.
Thank you for the advice and quick response. I have notified DoDMERB. You are a big help to everyone on this board.
I had my surgery about three weeks ago and my physician did a "lateral release". He stated that he cut, not lengthen (?), the ligament(s) of my right knee. I am not having any pain, but my knee, at the end of the day, still swells. I have PT three times a week. DoDMERB has yet to post anything on their web site about my medical status. I just received word from my moc that I will be receiving an offer of appointment from the USNA. I am concerned that this injury may affect my appointment, DQ?. I have no mobility issues however even though my knee is getting stronger it still feels weak. I hope that this is to be expected three weeks out of surgery. How much longer should I give DoDMERB before contacting them again about my injury? Thank you for any input.

As long as you are still having swelling and your knee is swelling, DoDMERB will not be able to clear you. I have to assume that you are currently in a remedial medical status. If you are not, and are still in a qualified status I would contact DoDMERB again as and request to speak with one of the reviewers. If you are in a remedial status DoDMERB is most likely waiting for the medical records once you are healed. Each person heals differently, so at 3 weeks following a lateral release it sounds like you are right on schedule. I'm guessing here, your physician expects you to be back to full activities at the 6 week post-surgery mark? Once your physician has released you to full activities I would get all the medical records and send those to DoDMERB. As long as you are fully healed there should be no problems with DoDMERB placing you back into a qualified status.
Thank you for the reply. I am not in remedial status and will contact DoDMERB in the morning. I am relieved to hear that as long as I have a normal progression there should be no problems. Once again, thank you for being on these boards.