Disqalifiication of service for repaired Hernia?


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Jul 31, 2017
My son today was disqualified for service in the US Navy with a letter from Dr. Margaret Calloway. It stated that he has a current hernia and is therefore not eligible for service. However, when he began the process of joining the Navy, the hernia (groin) was first discovered. At that time, he was told to get it surgically repaired and return in 6 months. The Recruiter asked him to return to MEPs early, as they has a waiver of the 6 months for him. He was supposed to be swearing in. The letter from Dr. Calloway states that he has a CURRENT hernia. He does not. His hernia was surgically repaired (without even mesh because it was so small) in April. She said pursuant to the "Manual of the Medical Department Chapter 15". I have read this manual and it states that a current hernia is means for disqualification or surgery to repair on in the lat 60 days. Neither is true. Why is this happening to my son, who, by the way scored a 98 on ASVAB. Please advise.
This really isn't the proper forum for answering your question. This Board deals with Admission to the Naval Academy, and has a whole different set of rules for Medical Qualification. Your son should contact his Recruiter, and see if they can help him through the process.