1. R

    DoDMERB Stance on Urticaria and Hives

    As the title says, I appreciate any information regarding MEPS regulations on skin conditions that cause hives, particularly CIU and environmental urticaria (such as cold-induced hives). I have sensitive skin (when I scratch my arm, it turns red pretty quickly (its not dermatographia)) and have...
  2. A

    Peanut Stands Between Service and I

    Good Morning, I’m a former Chemistry lecturer turned aviator and I’m motivated to pursue my life-long desire to fly and serve with the USAF. Currently working toward PPL certificate and in my mid twenties. Unfortunately like many other individuals affected with peanut allergies, I’ve been...
  3. Apples-And-Oranges

    Can you get disqualified for meeting with a counselor?

    If I go see my parents marriage counselor with them to try to help one of my parents and me get along better, will that disqualify me? I've looked on these forums and don't see any questions like mine. It's not depression or that there's any mental illness or anything, we just want help getting...
  4. B

    Meps question

    In fall 2019 I broke my collarbone and later found i also tore my labrum at the same time. I had to have surgery on my labrum but the collarbone healed on its own. My usmc recruiter told me to lie lie lie at meps and I dont feel comfortable with it. Are there waivers for these and if so how hard...
  5. M

    Transfer MEPS Physical to DoDMERB

    Hello guys! So I just came back from MEPS and have been qualified. My recruiter for enlistment told me that I could use the MEPS result for USAFA (I'm doing reserve as a backup). How do I forward the MEPS results to DoDMERB? Thank you for any response!:):):wave:
  6. A


    Hello, I have been trying to join the army for about a year now. They are asking for my HAAZ levels. I nor my doctor knows what that is and my recruiter is has no idea either. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance
  7. B

    Self harm scars, physician letter help

    I have self harm scars on one forearm and one thigh from 8+ years ago. It's obvious what it is so I'm being honest and up front about it. My recruiter said I need to get a medical clearance letter from a psychologist to submit with my medical. I've found a doctor that is willing to help me, but...
  8. M

    Go through OSUT or wait for ROTC contract

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my schools AROTC Batallion. I fell like I'm in a very very critical moment of decision making in my life and would like some wisdom passed down or any advice. So basically, I enlisted in July of 2018 with my programs NG Recruiter. Ever since then, I've been drilling at RSP...
  9. T

    Army ROTC Medical Questions

    I’m a sophomore in college right now and I was planning on joining the ROTC. My plan was to take a year off college, enlist in the regular army first, and then join the ROTC as an SMP. (I know that you don’t have to enlist beforehand but I want to do it.) So the problem is that recently I was...
  10. YourTypicalGurllll


    I just joined today and need many questions answered mainly regarding the marine corps and mep disqualifications. It would be very helpful if somebody can answer me asap thx .
  11. D

    Misdiagnosed Asthma, Passed Pulmonary, Now What?

    Hey everyone, I'm a 33 year old male who has been wanting to enlist in the Armed Forces since I was seventeen. In 2007, taking a break during my undergad, I spoke with a Navy recruiter and went down to MEPS in Portland, Oregon. I passed with an 84, and the exam. However, at the end, they had...
  12. D


    So I was dqd from DoDMERB with Airforce ROTC and the waiver was denied as well now all I can hope for is the rebuttal. Now is enlisting going to be the same too? I talked to a recruiter and they had no idea what DoDMERB even is and told me they use MEPS so I'm hoping if DoDMERB prevents me from...
  13. J

    Want to join ROTC as a Sophomore

    Hi everyone, I would like to join ROTC as a sophomore. I was wondering how the process goes compared to MEPS. Is a Med Read done first or the actual physical? How would I qualify for a scholarship? Some more personal info: I have a history of scoliosis - no longer have it. Unfortunately, got a...
  14. C

    Rosacea Waiver denied for the Navy.

    First off let me apologize in advance: I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for me, but I don't know where to go. I am trying to join the Navy as an enlisted, but was DQ'd at MEPS for rosacea. I submitted a waiver with a note from a dermatologist denying any such skin conditions. All the...
  15. houtx

    Air National Guard Disqualifying Factor Confusion

    I had an over-the-phone interview with a recruiter for the AF National Guard and I said yes to having taken medication, and he said it was a disqualifying factor. He continued with if I want to move forward, then we will, or I can think about it and call back. He also said I would have to...
  16. G

    Waiver situation

    So I went to meps for the army for the first time and they told me to go to a dermatologist for my upper arms which were red. My dermatologist said it's keratosis pilaris and won't affect my military service but meps still wanted me to come back for a consult so, I went to there dermatologist...
  17. J

    Joining DEP and applying to academies?

    I am a candidate for USAFA and I am currently in the middle of completing my application and interview. I plan on going to MEPS in a few weeks to do early entry into the Navy. My plan has always been: a) Join the academy (if I am granted an appointment) or b) enlist in the Navy. I don't want to...
  18. B

    Disqalifiication of service for repaired Hernia?

    My son today was disqualified for service in the US Navy with a letter from Dr. Margaret Calloway. It stated that he has a current hernia and is therefore not eligible for service. However, when he began the process of joining the Navy, the hernia (groin) was first discovered. At that time...
  19. B

    MEPS and DoDMERB

    I'm sure you are all fed up with these posts, but my recruiters are clueless (as expected). When you go to MEPS I know you need documentation for a lot of things, I have had a concussion in the past (no loss of consciousness) and a piece of bone pulled off my finger by a ligament back in middle...
  20. W

    Another Waiver Question

    The first time I attempted to join the military was with the Airforce in 2014. As I went through the medical questions with the recruiter I answered Yes to the question about spinal curve/deformity (scoliosis) The recruiter told me to get all the records I have from it and get current X-Rays...