Disqual./ Hematuria


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Jan 20, 2008
Hello, I am hoping one particular individual on here can help me. I was refered here.

Here is my situation.

I was disqualified for hematuria which is very common and I do not understand why I was disqualified. I went to see a specialist and he sent a letter to the academy saying I was fine when I told him not too. This lead to them thinking it was a rebuttal and they declined it now.

Here is where I stand.

I have sent a new package with 4 speicalists, my family doctor, and a flight surgeon at the local air force base stating that I am fine, each writing a letter. I have had a CT scan, I have had things shoved up both ends of me, blood drawings, and other tests. EVERYTHING came back negative and they said I have nothing wrong with me at all. All tests are negative. I have had 13 urine tests where I have peed in a cup and all I have come back with just 1+. After all this i have a very extensive package that i sent them with all the letters form the individuals.

My question.

How likely is it that they are going to give me a waiver for this now since i have a flight surgeon stating I am fine. The academy DODMERB rep said that would go along way in itself.
Hematuria is a disqualification listed in the instructions that DoDMERB goes by. Hematuria is not "normal". Some people can have a benign orthostatic hematuria, but DoDMERB is unable to clear those, since the instructions that they go by states "current hematuria is a disqualification".

It is possible that it could be waived if all the tests that were done have come up normal, besides the hematuria.
Great News, I was told today by the Academy manager of waivers that I would be recieveing one shortly after it was signed off. She said after three flight surgeons reviewd my package that nothing was seen as wrong and I should have no trouble getting the final signature tommorow!

Time has finally come, I have gone through this stuff since October of last year. 5 months.
ross747, you have cleared a major hurdle! Many congratulations! :thumb:
Academy manager of waivers? I need to talk with that guy! =]

yea its usafa mananger waiver sessions program or something like that, i have no clue. im just happy my 5 months of agony is coming to a close!
Unfortunately I have heard nothing from Air Force on my waiver. Could someone post a number to direct me on contacting them about my waiver? I sent the letter to request a LONG time ago.