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Oct 16, 2007
I figured this would happen.

My first disqualification was for my braces. I had already planned on getting removed this week, so they said to send in a letter saying that I had them removed.

My second disqualification was for my knee. I've dislocated the knee cap (patella) twice, and there's not suprise for the DQ. However, what are the odds of me getting qualified through a waiver. I understand that the Naval Academy automatically considers me and the Air Force needs a request, but what's the difference in waivers and DODMERB. Won't they just DQ me for the same thing again? I know I've asked this quesiton multiple times, but I still don't get it...

If the waiver people look at the same records as DODMERB...what's the difference?
Until RetNavyHM gets back ........

The whole dq and waiver thing IS confusing for sure.
DoDMBEB - they do the physical and make the determination: qualified, remedial or disqualified. RetNavyHM will tell you - they only work in black and white. There is no gray area with DoDMERB.

For the gray area - i.e. medical waiver - they are issued by the Academies themselves. DoDMERB really doesn't have anything to do with issuing a waiver other than post it on their website.

Each Academy has their own process and criteria for a waiver.

Keep pursuing - heed the advice of the "Wise One" - RetNavyHM - and good luck!!
I talked to someone in the admissions office after I posted this. He took a brief look at my application and said it was strong. I told him that I knew I would disqualified, but I would feel bad for being taken away from the academy while I'm such an athletic person (plus I had an LOA...) He said getting a waiver wouldn't be too much trouble because of my strong application, but I suppose we'll see...
Just_A_Mom has it correct. Another way of looking at it, DoDMERB is just a medical clearing house, looking for items that may be an issue (disqualifications), the waiver authorities (service academies and ROTC's) are the final approving authorities for the medical items. For the qualified applicants from DoDMERB they don't re-review the case, they take DoDMERB's qualification, for the disqualified applicants, they review to decide if the condition is something that will not hinder the applicant during school or while on active duty.

That help??
That does help a little. But I also talked to a person in the admissions office a few days ago as well. He said that they do take into account how successful you may or may not be in the military. Then from there, they can decide if the academy is willing to take the risk of your getting hurt. I would hope that they see me as a person who always works hard and never uses excuses to get out of anything.

Another question, since I got my LoA in October on a Presidential Nomination, doesn't that mean that I'm pretty competitive for a spot? I'm not trying to gloat, but from what I understood before, they only send out letters that early for people they REALLY want.
Alright.. we need to step back for a second, take a deep breath, and read very carefully what I have written before. Here is where I have given you your answer previously: http://www.serviceacademyforums.com/showpost.php?p=11995&postcount=4

I will repeat it again, hopefully simple enough for you to understand.

When DoDMERB disqualifies an applicant they notify the applicant and the admissions office. The admissions office reviews the applicants admissions package and decides if the applicant is someone who they would offer an appointment to (in your case they have already given you an LOA). The admissions office tells the waiver authority to review the applicants medical for a possible waiver. The waiver authorities will then review the applicants medical and make a determination that is in the best interest of the service. The admissions office has no other say in the waiver process. So academically you could be a stellar applicant, but if you can not physically handle the rigours of military life then a waiver will not be granted.

Does this help to clear it up??
Sorry, I've been really busy at school the past couple of days. That helps a lot. Thank you. DoDMERB told me I was disqualified over the phone, but it hasn't showed up on the website...are they really that slow? It's been a week.
DoDMERB has been having some IT problems recently, they just got a new IT contractor and they are still learning the system, so there may be a little bit of a delay on the website at times. If you have received the letter from DoDMERB then that is what you need to go by. If you have not received it, then I would contact DoDMERB and find out what the delay is.
All right, thank you. The only contact that I've had with them regarding the disqualification has been by phone.