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    My name is Todd Jarolimek and I began my application to the Air Force Academy in May of this year and am well on my way to completing the application; the only thing I haven't completed is my physical test and essays. I have had MINOR asthma as a child and grew out of it, however DoDMERB disqualified me after requesting outpatient records from age 10 to present.

    I do (did) have asthma, however it hasn't flared up since elementary school. I am on Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Track and can run a 4:45 mile, a sub 2 minute 800 (half mile) and a 17:30 5k; that's ~5:30 min/mile for 3.1 miles. My lungs are perfectly efficient. Is this enough to refute my disqualification? Can I battle this and either secure a waiver from the Academy or prove to DoDMERB that my asthma is negligible?

    Sorry if this lacks organization. I just found this out and it has hit me hard. Thanks to anyone who replies in advance.

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    I can't speak for other academies, but from what you are telling me more than likely you can get a waiver from West Point IF YOU ARE COMPETITIVE FOR ADMISSION.

    For West Point, all medically disqualified candidates are considered for medical wavier. If a medically disqualified candidate is competitive for admission, the admissions office will request a medical wavier to the medical entity within West Point that grants medical waviers. DoDMERB does not grant medical waviers, respective SA grants medical waivers to their applicants.

    So, contact the admissions office or your local liasion to see if a waiver will be requester or not.
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    The only way you can refute it will be through the waiver process. DodMERB will send you for more tests or request more information from your doctors, and those results will be sent. The AF will be the people that decide to waive you, not DoDMERB.

    DoDMERB only dq's the branches determine to waive. You may be waived by the CG, but not the Navy, or you maybe waived by AF, but not the Army. They all have their own line that they determine you must be above to receive the waiver.
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    Respect for your mile time and 5K time. Good luck. I hope you get that waiver.
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    In accordance to DOD (Department Of Defense) Instruction 6130.03, Enclosure 4, section 11:

    "D. Airway hyper responsiveness including asthma (493.xx), reactive airway disease,
    exercise-induced bronchospasm (519.11) or asthmatic bronchitis (493.90), reliably diagnosed
    and symptomatic after the 13th birthday."

    (1) Reliable diagnostic criteria may include any of the following elements: substantiated
    history of cough, wheeze, chest tightness, and/or dyspnea which persists or recurs over a
    prolonged period of time, generally more than 12 months.
    (2) Individuals DO MEET the standard if within the past 3 years they meet ALL of the
    criteria in subparagraphs 11.d.(2)(a)-(d).
    (a) No use of controller or rescue medications (including, but not limited to inhaled
    corticosteroids, leukotriene receptor antagonists, or short-acting beta agonists).
    (b) No exacerbations requiring acute medical treatment.
    (c) No use of oral steroids.
    (d) A current normal spirometry (within the past 90 days), performed in accordance
    with American Thoracic Society (ATS) guidelines and as defined by current National Heart,
    Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) standards.

    Sources: http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/613003p.pdf

    By the way, listen to what DOD has to say before you look at say... AR 40-501. The department of defense sets the medical requirements for all of the military forces. It just takes a while for documents down the line to get updated.

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