Disqualified? -- Write That Letter


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Aug 2, 2006
Just wanted to write a note of encouragement to those of you who have experienced DQ due to medical issues to have your son/daughter write a letter to DoDMERB and/or waiver authorities as RetNavyHM often recommends.

My son was medically DQ this past December due to one of the "history of" conditions. Like many of you the condition happened a number of years ago and there are no lingering effects. However, the waiver authority (in our case AROTC Command Surgeon) did not grant the waiver. His explanation was that the condition could possibly occur again in the future. Needless to say my son was disappointed as he already had a 4-year AROTC scholarship waiting for him.

I advised my son to write a letter to the Command Surgeon explaining exactly what occurred with regard to the medical issue and the fact that he has had no recurring symptoms or complications and to also describe his current physical activities. Well, the appeal was favorably received and my son's medical case was reopened at the request of AROTC. A medical remedial was requested and the results showed that indeed there were no lingering effects of the previous medical condition.

As of yesterday, April 16, my son's medical waiver was granted and he is ready to join the LSU Tiger Battalion with AROTC scholarship in hand.

I have no doubt that my son's letter had far more impact than any letter I could have written. To be honest, I didn't even read over his letter. I wanted it to be his appeal.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble (and celebrate a little). Hopefully this offers encouragement to those who have or will experience the disappointment of a waiver denial. Don't give up and don't let your students give up until they have done all they can. The hard work will be well worth it.

Best wishes to you all!
Congratulations to you and your son! :thumb:

You are absolutely correct that diligence and following the advice of RetNavyHM can certainly pay off with DoDMERB and getting a medical waiver.

When my daughter was medically dq'd - she wrote to DoDERMB rebutting the DQ as advised by RetNavyHM. Her rebuttal letter was enough for West Point to grant her the waiver, AROTC requested a medical test - we are still waiting for that one! Since your son was granted his waiver - perhaps my daughter's is right around the corner!
TomV, I'm glad it all worked out for your son! I know it hasn't been the easiest of processes for your son, but the end results are all that matters!

Best of luck to him!
I can second this, I was disqualified for pediatric asthma, I wrote my letter and two weeks later I was back in the fight. The biggest advice I can ever give any ROTC Cadet (Or Hopeful) is to never be discouraged!