Do 5 point AP test & 700+ in SAT subject helpful?


Aug 14, 2017
Sorry for so many questions.

5 point AP test: Calculus ab, Calculus bc, and Biology. And 780 in SAT II subject Math II, 710 Physics. Does USAFA look at these scores? I'm asking because my leadership is weak, the only thing I have is a club team captain. I really hope more academic scores could compensate this weakness.
I did not see places to fill in AP test and SAT subject score when I applied. Does it mean these are not considered?

Thank you.
I am sure others here with more insight can tell you if they are actually looked at by Admissions. I do know my DS used the scores in his interviews as examples of mastering a subject. Test scores are certainly looked at and part of the consideration. USAFA is a STEM school so I would think higher math and science scores would be advantageous to you.

All SAs look for the whole person so there isn't a grade that makes up for another area such as leadership. I am not sure where you are in school, but I would think there are still opportunities to lead and build that area on your application. It may be volunteering to tutor kids at the local library (or better yet starting that program if it doesn't exist in your town), or joining other new groups this year. You may have to look harder to find the opportunities but they are out there.

Best of luck to you.
AP scores are generally not used for admissions; only for placement after you report. But if you are applying have AP scores sent directly to the SA just like SATs.

They won't hurt your resume for nomination process so by all means include them plus any 'AP scholar' award which you should have given your scores.
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Since there aren't any boxes that specifically ask for this information, you can add these items to the resume portion of the application so the Academy will be aware of your accomplishments, but you are correct, they are not used when comparing test scores with other candidates. Nobody, aside from admissions, really knows how much of a bump these extras on your resume may give you or if it will be enough to compensate for a lack of leadership. If you are captain of a club, make sure to highlight on your resume how you led that club. The Academy isn't necessarily looking for quantity of leadership roles, but the quality of the roles you assumed. Did you put considerable time and effort in to leadership of that one club, or were you a captain in name only. If its the latter, you should seek out ways to demonstrate your leadership in other ways, as Daretodream suggested.
You make no mention of athletics either.

USAFA is looking for well rounded people. It certainly depends on who you are competing, but its harder to compete if you are bringing one demonstrated strength (academics in this case) while your peers are showing strengths in multiple areas.

Overall - your application is what it is if you are competing for a 2022 spot. There simply isn't much you can do at this point to change your resume. Submit it, put your best face forward and see what comes of it. And is very often said - have a good Plan B.

My impression is ROTC is more focused on academic achievements, so you should be applying for that option as well.