Do I have a chance at an Army ROTC scholarship?


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Jun 12, 2017
I'm a little bit concerned about my chances of getting an ROTC scholarship. I'm almost done with my application but I'm waiting on my official transcript and an opportunity to take my PT test, which is the main problem. Applications just opened up, and I have mainly everything set in stone, but I don't know if I'd be able to take my PT test until August. My SAT is at 1200 (550 Math, 650 Reading). My unweighted GPA is 3.0 and my weighted is 3.2. I'm confident in my ability to pass the PT test but I'm worried if it'll be too late to receive any type of scholarship if I turn it in in August. It's the only time which I will see my PE teacher, who is the only one I know who will be able to administer the test. I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering, so maybe that'll help me. Any advice is appreciated.
Having to wait until August is no big deal as there are several boards. You'll miss the 1st board cutoff but those scholarships go to the cream of the crop anyway...the applicants with a 4.5 GPA, 1600 SAT and 34-36 on the ACT. If anything, you should spend your Summer studying for the SAT and ACT tests. Your SAT is on the low side so retake it to get your math score up. Maybe you'll do better on the ACT? Your GPA is also on the low side in the grand scheme of things. Have you played in Varsity sports? Ever been a team captain? Had long term employment? Key positions in school clubs? Eagle Scout? Community involvement? They are looking for the "whole candidate" so keep that in mind as you start your Summer. What is it that you can do NOW to make yourself a better candidate?
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Also, a Physical Education Teacher, any athletic coach, or any JROTC instructor may administer this test. You can also contact the Army ROTC office at the nearest college that has Army ROTC. Someone there could also administer the PFT.
Thanks for the help! I've had long term employment all four years of high school, and because of this I've only played rec league softball/baseball and some club bowling. and I do plan on taking the ACT early on next year so maybe I will do better. Thank you again for the advice and I'll definitely consider looking at taking the SAT again.
Are the AROTC scholarship board deadlines/dates for the 2017-2018 year published?
They just have deadlines for the various boards established. It's on the application page.