Do I have a chance on the second board?


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Nov 6, 2017
Unfortunately I didn't get a scholarship on the first board but I expected that with my stats. My stats are:
GPA: 3.8 weighted, 3.6 unweighted
Lots of AP classes, also in the STEM academy at my school.
ACT: 27 composite
No varsity sports but I did play sports early in high school. Currently do an after school workout program that all the other varsity level athletes have to do.
Was a police explorer in my community and did lots of volunteering. We went to the state competition and I was the leader of my team.
My fitness test was ok: 8 min mile run, 48 push ups, 46 sit ups. Could improve these, especially my mile time.
My PMS interview went really well and he said he'd write very strongly for me.

Sorry for posting, I know there are a lot of these on here and really the only way to find out is to wait. I'm just trying to get an idea of my chances. Thanks. have a chance. None of us know how your interview was scored, how the board scored you, or how you did on your CBEF. You will continue to have a chance until after the third round of offers, and then if you don’t receive an offer, you’ll have a chance to compete for a campus based scholarship as long as you enroll in Army ROTC class in college.
You always have a shot. FWIW, which isn't a lot, your GPA is very similar to my kids and your ACT is higher. On the flip side, my kids PT scores were higher and they were multi-year varsity athletes and team captains. They both received (4) year scholarships; my daughter from the 2nd board and my son directly from Boise State. To touch on what Clarkson said above, you can always go to school and enroll in the ROTC program if you don't get the "National" scholarship. Every year as different but last year my son was the Gold Bar Recruiter after graduating and they ended up offering 3 year campus based scholarships to every non-scholarship cadet that had been in the program their freshman year.