Do I have a Chance?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mrcheck, Nov 1, 2012.

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    I am in the process of applying for the Navy ROTC scholarship.
    Here are my credentials
    GPA- 3.23
    ACT- 23 25 math Retook awaiting Results
    Clubs- Limited FSJ
    S engineering club in science Olympiad and debate team
    Sports- F Swimming + Track
    S swimming JV + track
    J N/a major surgery
    S N/a major surgery
    recovering preparing for fitness test
    Referrals- Counselor Swim Coach
    Inspiration- Grandfathers War Veterans
    My academics and athletic history at school are lacking;however, I have a strong work history that has taught me leadership and devotion.
    Volunteer hours- 300 Veteren Hospital
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    Nobody can give you an answer except to say you have 0% of a chance if you don't apply.

    Apply, while you wait for the boards get plan B, C and D in place.

    Good luck.
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    Scholar: above ave. for all students, but very weak for NROTC scholarship winners

    Athlete: weak since b/c of injury, you haven't been able to demonstrate this

    Leader: not sure of the details, but it doesn't appear you were a school officer, Captain of a Varsity sports team, or Newspaper/Yearbook Editor. Those are the gold standard, but there is also Eagle Scout, Boys State, Model UN, Founding and runnings a social service agency, Founding and running a viable business, and other ways to show demonstrated Leadership... but since you don't specify, I can't comment.

    There is a fourth requisite-- medical fitness. Does your major surgery put you at risk of being medically DQ?

    Without getting specific, in general NROTC scholarship winners come from the pool of applicants that would typically gain admission into colleges ranked in the top 50 in the USNWR rankings.
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