Do I Have a Shot?


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Jul 13, 2008
3.58 unweighted GPA in 11 honors classes, 5 AP classes, 3 Accelerated classes
SAT- 700m 720r 540w
ACT- 34m 34r 26e 27s
SAT II- 800 (math 2), 730 (physics)
Top 10 or 15% in class
Volunteer Firefigher
3 years JV school soccer. possibly 1 year Varsity school soccer this year
3 years Varsity Track but no letter. possibly 1 year lettered Track
2 year captain of club soccer team
CFA 95 push, 95 sit-up, 18 pull, 65 throw, 9.6 shuttle, 6:00 mile
Summer Seminar
Student of the Month

Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight on the admissions process.
Yes, you look very good on paper. Your stats are better than some who have been appointed, not as good as will probably come down to whether or not you can get a nom....depends on how competitive your state is. Apply early!!!! Early is always better!!!! Sometimes the early apps get noticed and you might get an LOA, which will encourage your MOC to give you the nod for the nom....good luck!
I know two Class of 20012 Plebes with about the same and slightly less. One is a female with a 34 Composite on her ACT's, Student of the Year, Track and a year of NJROTC in a competitive state, FL. The other is a male with a 27 Composite, track letter and I'm sure a few other items that I don't know about and his state was AL.

You look competitive with just the ACT, that converts to a 1550 SAT. I did meet some candidates up at Summer Seminar that had things like: 1570 on an SAT and a 4.4 GPA so, who the heck knows!