Do I need to report this to Dodmerb?


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Mar 31, 2007
Hello everybody!

I just had a question about reporting to Dodmerb. If you could please advise me on my situation, I would be most appreciative.

Okay so I became medically qualified in September, and I got my appointment in January for West Point. However, a few days ago I received a small cut on my head that I got 2 stitches for.

After I got cut there, I did not have to restrict any athletics or activities. I only received stitches to reduce scarring (it was by choice). Would I need to report this minor cut to Dodmerb, or is it necessary to report every little injury? Again, this cut hinders me in no way, and I will be getting the stitches out tomorrow.:smile:

Thanks for any advice!

First offf, :welcome1: !!

Second, if it was just a laceration, there was no loss of conciousness or any other symptoms of a head injury, then there is no need to contact DoDMERB for that.
Okay, thank you both for the help. I really appreciate it.:biggrin: