Do more nominations help your chances?


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Dec 18, 2016
I'm an applicant for the class of 2021. I have received nominations from both of my senators and my representative. Will this increase my chance of getting accepted to the USNA or is it just a box that the admission people check?
My understanding is that it does not help in an admissions decision because only one nomination is required. However, it MAY help in offering an appointment should the candidate be found worthy. In other words, once they have decided to admit the more slates they can potentially fit the candidate in the better.
It helps in the sense that they are like lottery tickets. More noms increases your possibilities of an appointment but not because they add to your WCS.
Each nominee competes head to head with the other nominees on each individual slate. The top winner gets in. So if you got all 3 MOC nominations you have the opportunity to be #1 on 3 different slates. If you are not the top person on the slate you go to the national pool to compete with everyone else that did not win a specific slate. Once in the pool, the number of nominations does not matter, but at least 0ne MOC nomination will give you the largest pool to compete in.
It also gives more flexibility to the admissions office so they can work with multiple sources of nominations. Whether that figures or tips the balance in anyway, can't say. Also consider, if you are competitive enough to receive nominations from 3 different sources, you are probably pretty competitive all around anyways. That said, agree with kinney that it won't add to your WCS.
VADA nailed it... it gives Candidate Guidance Office more to work with. There is a position in CGO that matches 3Q candidates with Nominations. You can be 3Q, but if there is no nomination available, you don't get an Appointment.
My DS is in the same boat now too. He applied to the USCGA, USNA, and USAFA. With no nom needed for the USCGA, we were sort of hoping his options would be expanded by the MOC's nominating him for both the USNA and USAFA. But, he got three nominations to the USAFA. We're hoping that helps his chances by allowing the school to shuffle who to charge around a bit so that they can offer an appointment. And the wait continues :)
My DS received 3 West Point nominations and 2 USAFA nominations. With high ACT score (35 super score) No. 1 in class, varsity team captain, class officer, AP Scholar with Distinction we hope he is a top candidate. DS finished congressional interviews in December and received all nominations within one week. And we wait like most of the others it looks like. Those who get these prized appointments are truly America's best. Good luck to all.