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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Christcorp, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Do you have a lot of questions about the academies? Well, most of you asking, are applicants or thinking about applying. That means you all have one very important thing in common. You're all at the age that should make you very computer savvy. Whenever you need to find information, you all are masters of Google and the Internet. You can find almost anything.

    So, what am I getting at?

    At the top of this forum, is a SEARCH BAR. You can type any subject, word, or topic in that bar, and if it's ever been discussed here, it will show you the results of every thread and post that includes that subject, word, or topic. Whether it's about nominations, sports, recruited athletes, weekend passes, life at the academy, act/sat, gpa, homeschooled, your chances, etc. I can't list all of them, but trust me, there is NOTHING you can probably ask or think of, that hasn't been discussed before.

    Simply saying, you will actually get a better answer by searching for it instead of asking about it. Why? Because chances are, there's already a thread with 10,20,40,100+ replies already. You don't have to wait for replies that could take days or a week.

    Not saying you might not have some unique or specialized questions and you want to ask it specifically. That's cool. Simply suggesting that you search FIRST, then ask about what you already read or didn't have answered to your satisfaction. As you can tell, everyone here wants to help each other. But every question imaginable has pretty much been asked and answered. If you search first, you'll probably have 75% or more of your question answered, and you can then ask more specific questions to cover the other 25%.

    Best of luck. Mike.
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    Christcorp always nails it----I stand in high respect of the man. As a new sweaty, frantic Plebe at Navy, one of the very first things you learn from the Detailers, in their own inimitable way, is: research every question for written procedures and answers BEFORE opening your mouth and asking. That jewel of life should well start right here. The corollary that they teach is: your roomate is as dumb as you are and does not know the answer. That translates to "beware of your sources" which also applies here.
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