Doctor's Orders

Sep 12, 2017
Greetings; salutations; salve; a happy introduction from the Doc to you :)

Hey, everybody. It's a pleasure to be a part of this community, and I suppose I'll give you all a little introduction to myself and who I am- essentially where I'm coming from and how I came to where I am today and hopefully where I'll be by the end of high school.

A lot of where I come from as a person has stemmed from my father. He had a tough life growing up for sure- family issues and medical problems abound- and what intrigued my father after graduation was the military. The armed forces. The good 'ol boys in, well, varying camouflage. My grandfather had been enlisted in the Coast Guard during World War Two, and my great grandfather was a Polish immigrant who claimed to have not-so-gloriously-based-on-the-victor have fought for the Austrian Army during WWI as an uhlan in modern Poland. When my father came to be of age, doubts and priorities shifted. By the time he was able to, in his life, serve, he couldn't. My father developed spinal dystrophy in 2002. He has been home bound ever since.

I grew up having a quasi-admiration for the military. My father is a history-buff, and he bestowed that love of analytics onto me, particularly the Second World War. Collectibles, documentaries, reenactments, they all inspired me for something greater, but in truth, it remained a hobby. My great desire was to enter politics and the public workforce as a director and man for the betterment of our great nation. When I reached Freshman year, I "knew" what I was going to do- I was going to go into Political Science. When I reached Sophomore year, this was again what I "knew" I was going to do, but something happened.

One day, casually eating in an IHOP with my mother in March of 2017, she inquired to me what I wanted to make of myself. I answered, assuredly, that I was going to go into the political scene. She questioned me a bit more- about my plans and my roadmap. It was then that I realized: I had no plan at all. For two years, I strived for civics courses and writing plans and competitions that I hadn't stopped to realize how I was going to get there. I hadn't "known" anything the entire time. So I confessed this and she asked me about the military, and at first I was convinced against it, but the more we spoke, the more I realized it was the perfect duo: The change and the strive of leading people, coupled with the intensity and value of physical work. I researched West Point and Annapolis to the best of my ability, and now I know that this is what I want to do.

Ever since, I've been sold. This Junior Year, I'm taking the SAT and the ACT at least three times; I'm going to try out my first time for Track & Field as a thrower or endurance runner, I've always loved to run more than anything I've just never had the free time with caring for my father; and I hope to attend Boys State and to run for Student Council President and/or Model United Nations President. I have a lot of work, and I recognize the labor that will be present along the way. But I'm willing to sacrifice for the betterment of myself and my future. The United States Military Academy is my primary gambit, as is the United States Naval Academy.

I thank you all for any help along this long and uncertain path I have ahead, and I hope to help any of you in any way I can as well! If you see me around the forums feel free to say hi or to send me a private message, I love to talk about history, literature, astronomy (I go telescoping), and workout techniques. Politics are, also, obviously a major proponent of what I've worked for in my life. And hey, I love cute things. Send me pictures of your animals! Dogs are a favorite; but be it cats, hamsters, or parakeets, I'd love to see them.

Thank you all for your cordiality and openness. See you around the forums! :)
Welcome aboard. You should consider AROTC and NROTC as backup plans to the academies. You end up with the same commission, and once your commissioned, no one cares where you went to college. It's all about results.

Thank you for the kind words! Happy to be here, and thank you for your wisdom on my other threads!

I actually am considering AROTC and NROTC already, thank you. But I haven't put nearly as much effort into researching that as I have West Point. Any tips?
Get your applications in as soon as possible this summer or early autumn so your application appears before the maximum number of boards - while making sure you have the highest quality application possible. Aside from that pursue the same goals you pursue for an academy application and you'l be fine. Oh yeah, be sure to visit your colleges this spring which means start making selections now.