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Aug 15, 2007
This was recently posted on the DODMERB site for my son

Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested
R252.10 - Allergies Questionnaire

Correspondence was sent on 8/13.

Should we wait until the letter is received to request medical records regarding his seasonal allergies or should we start the process now? Also...since he has seen the same pediatrician since he was one should I ask the doctor's office for the part of his records pertaining to just the seasonal allergies or is DODMERB going to want everything including colds etc. from the past 16 years?

Also two of the service academies as listed as requesting a remedial but the Naval Academy lists nothing. He has filled out candidate questionnaires for all three. Is this significant?

You can download the allergy questionnaire from the DoDMERB web site at Print it out and your son can fill it out and mail it to DoDMERB. No medical records have been requested, so its up to you if you want to send them in. The allergy questionnaire is simple and straight forward, so I'd just fill it out and mail it back to them.

USNA most likely has not added your son to the DoDMERB system. They wait until the applicant has 50% of the admissions application completed before submitting the applicant information to DoDMERB. So if your son does not have 50% completed I would not worry about it at this time.
Thanks for the prompt response.
The reason I asked about the medical records is that on the Allergies Questionnaire it states:
Note: If you have been treated for any of the below, please send copies of those treatment records.

He has seen his doctor for spring allergies and was originally prescribed Claritin but now takes an over the counter generic. Would it help if the doctor included a letter stating that he is treated with an over the counter as needed?

This is all new to us and we'd like to send them everything they need to make their determination.

Again, thank you.
You can submit the records if you wish, and a note from the physician won't hurt. But you can also just submit the questionnaire and be fine as well, since your son's history isn't that severe.