DoDMERB Application Added 30Nov USMA grasping at straws?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Tgun, Dec 6, 2012.

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    DS logged into DoDMERB application information repository today. Noticed that the USMA requested Medical Status (Event: Application Added 30Nov2012, with the following information at the bottom of the page: Agency: USMA, Cycle Year: 2012, Current Medical Status: Under DoDMERB Review).

    Does this mean that the USMA is possibly preparing an offer to either the academy or prep school?

    DS was DoDMERB medical qualified for USNA and USAFA in July 2012.

    Or are we simply grasping at straws and reading too much into the USMA medical status request?

    Many thanks for your insight and feedback.
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    I think you're reading too much into it. They are simply making their own checks to determine if he is medically qualified just as USNA and USAFA did. Med qualifications for each service can be different, the most outstanding example being eyesight/color blindness requirements.
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    It means your DS is a competitive candidate for USMA. My RC explained it as that there is cost model for DoDMERB exam, so even if another SA ordered the DoDMERB exam, USMA gets charged also if they request DoDMERB information. The trend I see it my state is limited DoDMERB testing and holding off on requesting DoDMERB result. The regional commander can easily identify top candidates in each congressional district and just wait for application completion to request the DoDMERB exam or result.

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