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    Hey guys, I'm applying to the SAs and I have a weird situation. I play football as an offensive lineman and right now in June I'm losing weight so I can do well on my CFA test. However I will probably need to pack on a few more pounds before the season starts which is problematic in regard to the DoDMERB because I don't know when they'll contact me. I'm trying to get offered to play football right now and I might get one from one of the SAs but I can't be too sure. Any advice?
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    Most linemen are on weight waivers while playing football at SA's. And I believe they are not required to run
    for their PFT at USNA as long as they are still on the team-they ride the bike.
    Once their football careers are over, they must lose the excess weight. Not sure how much time they are given for that but I believe it's
    enough so they can achieve weight loss in a healthy manner.
    I don't know (but I suspect?), if you are being recruited by Navy football, the weight waiver would extend to your DODMERB physical.
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    Many of the linemen are sent to NAPS, too, which kinda works as a defacto Red Shirt year to get them in shape the Navy way. If you're being recruited, best ask your coach/BGO.
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    Agree this would depend if you are being recruited or not. If being recruited more than likely USNA will waive. It is expected you will participate and complete all Plebe Summer requirements to include the PRT. After that depending on size, etc the staff makes a determination who can get a waiver to ride the bike or not. Most lineman ride the bike until their last semester 1/C year. The football team has strength and conditioning coaches who help them lose weight and build to the 1.5 mile PRT. There are some guys who lose 50+ pounds. There are many who even get within USMC weight standards (which are much stricter) and ready to pass the PFT as they will commission Marine Corps.

    As to what to do? If over dodmerb can request a remedial to be measured too.