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Jun 9, 2006
HM ... can you assist with some clarification. I suspect this has been discussed, but I'm not finding it. Here goes.

Son is a candidate, 2011. One of his pals is also. Latter attended NASS I, mine NASS III. Don't know if that is important.

His pal has already received info and has scheduled his med exam.

Mine has heard nothing.

Can you tell us how this works re: where, when, how it gets scheduled and what is the "trigger" mechanism(s) for the scheduling?

Some have said 5 parts of the app are needed, but his pal does not have that done as yet. Would it possibly relate to when students attended NASS?

In advance, thanks for trying to edify us.:thumb:
I'm sure others will be more specific but my son was scheduled for his in July prior to senior year. He didn't have everything in so I think it's a random process. Maybe ret will have more info.
For USNA, once the candidate has completed 50% of the nine or so application documents, he/she will be sent a letter to schedule the medical.
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Whistle Pig,

Each of the academies upload the applicants names to DoDMERB at different times. As USNA69 said, USNA will wait until 50% ot the adminsions package is complete before submitting the applicants name to DoDMERB, USMA sends the applicants name to DoDMERB as soon as the applicant submits their name to the academy (hint, hint). Applicants can apply to multiple academies (and I'd actually suggest they do that as well as for ROTC) and the physical exam is good for all programs. As long as the physical examination is completed by January there should be no problems getting everything completed in time.

As far as the complete admissions package, I'm not sure how that works.
For a high school candidate, the application package consists of eight parts so the candidate will have to complete and submit any four of them in order to be scheduled for the medical exam:
English Recommendation
Math Recommendation
SAT/ACT Official Scores
CFA (Done at NASS)
High School Transcript
Academic Interest/Personal Statement
Candidate Personal Data Record
ECA Record
College/Prep or Enlisted will also have to submit either their prep/college transcripts or their CO's recommendation as appropriate. 50% for them would be 5 of 9.
Several years ago the Academy did the same as WP and scheduled the physical at the same time the official candidate package went out. However, in order to cut down on DoDMERB workload, they went to the above program. It should be relatively easy to knock four of the above requirements out, especially the last three listed (they can be updated if anything changes) and the teacher recommendations.
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This does shed some light.

The individual who was already scheduled also attended the USMA summer program which could be the trigger mechanism for his scheduling rather than USNA. I'm fairly clear that he has done nothing aside from CFA @ NASS on his USNA app.

I'll bet your "hint, hint" is on the $$.

Many thanks.

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