Feb 1, 2016
I am very confused as to what my status is currently in DODMERB. Currently I am pending a three year ROTC scholarship, and have passed all requirements for the physical fitness tests. I had surgery on my scaphoid bone to repair a break and had a screw inserted into my wrist. I obtained a signed note from my surgeon and all documents stating I am physically able to perform all ROTC related activities and in good health. I received a notification last night that states as follows.

19-OCT-17 Date letter uploaded - Disqualification D228.00
19-OCT-17 Date exam reviewed
19-OCT-17 Date letter uploaded - Disqualification D228.00

Below was what was recorded in the box regarding my official status.

Agency: US Army CSB
Cycle Year:2016
Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submission/Review
Code Description
D228.00 Miscellaneous orthopedic/spinal condition scaphoid fracture with possible persistant nonunion and questionable avascular necrosis

Does this mean my case is closed and I am disqualified for my scholarship because they haven't updated my medical status? Or there is still a chance for a waiver and activate my scholarship? Any clarification would be very appreciated. Thank you.
No, this is normal.
As an ROTC winner your waiver starts automatically.
You will be asked for more information as part of the waiver process.
Probably some of the same information they already have.
Promptly reply with whatever they ask for. Be careful about sending information not requests.
You have been awarded the scholarship and they will want to waive your DQ if they can.
Contact your DoDmerb tech if you have questions. They are very helpful
Stay on top of it as if your future depends on it, because it does.
Make sure that you have a current evaluation of your scaphoid repair to DODMERB. If you have proof showing that you have totally healed and are not suffering from any physical limitations, you should get the waiver granted.