DODMERB DQ waiver for Hypertension


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Oct 11, 2017
So I recently had my physical for the Green to Gold ADO and was told by my provider that because I had a past Diagnosis for Hypertension that I would be disqualified. I am 24 years old, and a pretty active person. I understand that high blood pressure is a silent killer but I have never had problems getting back in shape if I slacked off. When I was diagnosed, I wasn't in the most calm situation (AIT phase 1 for 68P Radiology Specialist so classes were overwhelming) but never have I felt any physical ailments. I did a little research on how the waiver process goes within the DODMERB but what I would like to know is how often Hypertension is waived when found in your records. I don't want to be denied because of a condition I feel will in no way will limit my abilities to serve as an Officer in the Army. Thank you.