DODMERB Followup Question


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Jun 9, 2006
My son's inital DODMERB results were posted. They were:

R220.00 - Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding knee surgeries.
R251.02 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2492

D181.00 - Height not within standards

I understand the two R status message, but the D status message caught us off guard.

So the questions that I have are:

1. I assume we should do nothing until we receive the official letter in writing.

2. Since he is Air Force bound, should he request to start the waiver process formally now or wait until he gets notification. We are assuming that there may be a typo, but haven't confirmed that as of yet.

3. Is it possible to call DODMERB direct to get more details about the D status message?

The "D" code is an AFA "soft disqualification", which will put him into a "Commission Qualified" status. It is possible that his height was either done incorrectly, was changed from feet/inches to just inches incorrectly (you'd be surprised to see how many 6' tall applicants become 62"), or was just typo'd into the DoDMERB system incorrectly. If you feel that the height is incorrect feel free to call DoDMERB, they will be more than happy to look it up and let you know what was entered into the DoDMERB system, and what was on the physical exam. If it is wrong, all you need to do is get your son remeasured by your family physician (in stocking feet, measured in inches) and send it in to DoDMERB.

If you do call DoDMERB they can also let you know what was left off the DD 2492 (thats the medical history questionnaire), more than likely your son just forgot to sign it, and a copy of the form is on its way to your son.

The number for DoDMERB is 719-333-3562, M - F, 6:30 - 3:30 MST. Below is the cheat sheet for the different sections:

First menu prompt for all service academies and ROTC applicants press #1.
Second menu prompt: Army #1, Air Force #2, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and USUHS #3.

If no one answers in a reasonable amount of time (5 min), call back and try a different section. There is normally only one person answering the phone in each section, and if you get a talker on the line it can take a while. No one will give you a hard time, but they may let you know you got the wrong section, but they will still assist you.

The number above can not be used for scheduling an appointment. You must have the scheduling card from either DoDMERB or Concorde before scheduling an appointment and the phone number is different.

We just called DODMERB. It appears that that the doctor wrote down 5' and forgot to add the inches.

Firedrill #1 down..... Hopefully not too many more to go.

thanks again!

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Another question, again....

We just got the letter from DODMERB today.

The site shows:

R220.00 - Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding knee surgeries.
R251.02 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2492

D181.00 - Height not within standards

However, they only asked for information on R251.02. It appears that a check box was over looked.

D181 was resolved by the Concorde physician, since they entered 5 1/4 on the height field instead of 65 1/4.

My question is that they didn't specifically ask for R220. The web site states don't send anything unless specifically requested. We have the documentation to send. Should we send it in with the other request?


hmmmm.. It seems the reviewer overlooked placing the knee records remedial on the letter. Since it shows on the web site I would go ahead and send in the records. Otherwise you will get another letter with the request for the knee records. Or you could always call DoDMERB and confirm that the knee records are needed. I can tell you that the reviewers LOVE being shown their mistakes (note the sarcasm!), but it does help to refocus them!
PPQ - Finally, but the saga continues

We'll after submitting information back to Concorde due to the nurse taking five inches of my son's height, then resubmitting everything again directly to DoDMERB, my son finally has a PPQ status.

We just got a letter directly from the Academy wanting his height/weight/body fat measurements again. I suspect it's just fall out from the original mistake. It sure would be nice if getting these errors resolved would be easier.

If you call the USAFA admissions office and explain what has happened, they can take a look at your sons height in the DoDMERB system and not need the body fat questionnaire. It is automatically generated by admissions based on his initial ht/wt. I agree that is it is a lot of running back and forth, unfortunately DoDMERB has to use the information that is provided to them, and human errors do occur as much as everyone wishes they wouldn't.