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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by AC11, Nov 14, 2013.

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    When candidates for the Service Academies or ROTC programs take the DoDMERB exam, does DoDMERB let them know if they are found to have a sitting height of less than 33 or 34 inches?

    I only ask because I have previously heard of this occurring for candidates. I took my DoDMERB exam in August but cannot remember my sitting height. If such a message saying my sitting height is less than 33 or 34 inches did not show up on my DoDMERB portal, does this mean I have a sitting height above 34 inches?

    Thanks for the help with my weird questions!
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    From what I know all they will only use the sitting height for is going rated (UPT and UNT), which will be determined yrs from now. If you are under the limits you can still go to UPT and UNT, but they will not allow you to fly anything with an ejection seat, i.e. fighters.

    Our DS's classmate did not meet the sitting height, but she still got a UPT slot. She was told upon receiving her slot and before reporting that she would track T-1 no matter how she racked and stacked at UPT during the 1st phase. IOWs she could be the best pilot in her class, but would still not track 38s.

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