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Dec 10, 2007
I thought that I understood the DODMERB lingo from reading this website. However, I think I'm mistaken. My son received a DQ for a medical issue. On the DODMERB website, it currently reads "pending waiver submission/review" under each of the academies to which he applied. I took this to mean that the academies to which he applied are reviewing the waiverability of his situation. However, his DODMERB page has read this for two academies since Nov. 20 (the date of his disqualification letter, altho the DQ was listed on the website earlier than the date of the letter), and on one (USMMA, for which he had to request a waiver review) since early December.

Do I understand this wording correctly, and how long does a waiver review usually last? It seems to be taking forever.

The dates are dependent on when the different academies showed up in the DoDMERB system and on whether the DoDMERB reviewer had to "repost" to the waiver authorities.

DoDMERB has had some internal issues with the web site (it hasn't affected the waiver authorities ability to review waivers) so the different dates could also be part of DoDMERB fixing the issue.

If I haven't answered your question, or if I didn't understand the question correctly please let me know.
DODMERB Lingo, Continued

Thanks for your answer! My question is really more of this: does that listing mean that his DQ is being reviewed for a waiver? Or does it mean something else?

And how long do these things usually take? I understand that they may be with different waiver authorities, but since it's been at least since Nov. 20th with two of the academies, when would we expect to hear what's going on?

Just getting nervous.

Thanks again!
The "pending waiver submission/review" means that his file is at the waiver authority. The waiver authorities for the service academies where the applicant does not have to request a waiver will review the case once the admissions office tells them to. For the academies where the applicant has to request the review will review the file once they receive the request. That can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. For ROTC, it is the same, except for the waiver authorities who review automatically will review all disqualified applicants. The time frame is still about the same.
Now I am curious. Don't you have to send a letter requesting a waiver.

In our case we had to send it to Cadet Command in Forth Worth, as explained on the DoDMERB website and on the back of the letter we received.
We sent the request right away, But the mention"pending waiver submission review" was already there, before we submitted the request. even on the ROTC application, eventhough they do not do it automatically like the Academies. Could you somewhat clarify this whole process? In our case however, the dates make perfect sense.
In the meantime, wishing EVERYONE-- parents and candidates--:smile: a very merry and relaxing Chritmas!!!!!!!!
Not all academies or ROTC programs require that the applicant request a waiver. On the paperwork that is attached to the disqualification letter it spells out which academies and which ROTC programs need to request the waiver.

The "pending waiver submission/review" means that the applicants information has been electronically posted to the waiver waiver authorities by DoDMERB. It is an automated process by DoDMERB. It is then up to the waiver authorities to review the file. Some waiver authorities will not review until the applicant requests the waiver, others will not review until the admissions office tell them to, and still others will automatically review all disqualified applicants.
I must say that DoDMERB really tries to make you jump through some loops as far as getting qualified. I understand the importance of making sure every applicant is in adequate shape to be a part of our military but allow me to describe my situation.

In July I did my all of my exams as I was supposed to. During the first week of August I received an Orthodontic Questionaire because I still have braces. I followed those instructions, gettin my orthodontist to verify that they will be removed by May of 2008, before entrance into the academy. I thought that was the end of that, because they are only braces and I had done all verifications. WRONG! Haha, on the same day I received my nomination from my senator, I got a letter stating I had been DQ'd for orthodontic appliances. Oh boy was I devestated, so the next morning I made my phone calls and they told me the USAFA required a letter to request a waiver. Well I did more than that, I also scheduled appointments to have them removed, for they were due off in Oct. but I was a bit delayed, just in case my waiver didnt go through or something else whacky happened. I submited my letter on the 10th of December and my counselour said it will probably take a couple of weeks. I am going to call after xmas to check the status, and to continue to push it through. My only question to anyone who might know, if i receive a waiver, will they automatically send me an appointment if iam competitive, or is having my braces on a blemish on my app?

Good Luck to those and their crazy "hoop jumping"!:smile:
The medical process has no bearing on the admissions process. Two separate processes. If you have had your braces removed, submit a letter from your orthodontist to DoDMERB. They should be able to remove the disqualification.

Requiring a medical waiver does not affect your admissions package, nor will it affect your career later on down the line.
True, but they wont offer someone an appointment who is deemed medically disqualified right?

Even if a waiver is all that is needed, if You dont apply for one they wont offer you an appointment?

Very, very confusing... :confused:
I'm going to have to be honest with you airforce...the braces waiver is the simplest waiver you can receive. In fact, you do not even have to post to the waiver authorities. Here's what you do...

If you have already received your DQ throught the mail, DoDMERB should have given you these instructions. Send a letter to DoDMERB explaining your braces situation and request that they remove the disqualification. Attached to that letter should be one from your orthodontist also explaining your current situation. Send this to DoDMERB and they should remove your DQ fairly quickly.

I went through the same process. Try not to overthink your situation and be sure that your letter is very clear in requesting that you get the DQ removed and not waived. If you don't have your braces off yet, then they probably will not be able to remove the disqualification.
Exactly, I am looking just to get it waived so that I can still get an appointment, and the braces will be off by May. I know as an apllicant I tend to overstress these situations but it just seems like pointless "hoop jumpin" as i stated earlier. If youre an applicant that wants the appointment bad enough, youll go through the steps no matter how stressful.

Thanks for the tip CC!! :thumb:
True, but they wont offer someone an appointment who is deemed medically disqualified right?

Every academy can issue "conditional appointments" usually based on either the DoDMERB examination is not completed or the applicant requires a waiver. AROTC works the same way as well.

For AF and Navy ROTC, the applicants names are not submitted to DoDMERB until an applicant has been granted the scholarship, so there is no confusion there.

As I stated in an earlier post, the admissions offices for the academies and ROTC programs do not look at medical as a part of the admissions decision making process at all.
okay well that sets my mind at ease...

i cannot wait until this is all over, so so stressful...

thanks again!!!