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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by nikkip, May 19, 2015.

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    I'm a little confused. Im applying to USMA and they say that once your initial application is considered to be competitive, the medical section of the portal will open. But then they say to apply for nominations spring of your junior year, and on my congressman and senators nominations they want to know if you've completed DoDMERB. I'm confused because how are you supposed to apply for nominations who require DoDMERB when the official application for USMA doesn't open until July and even then you might not be considered competitive?
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    You don't need to do DoDMERB before applying for nominations. My son applied for several nominations and had not done DoDMERB at the time. USMA won't send you to DoDMERB until they feel you have a competitive application.
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    +1 turtlerunnernc

    Your MoC will not ask for your medical history when it comes to nominations.

    What is happening is they are saying we won't send you for the exam until we view as competitive or you have a nomination.

    The rule of thumb is when you move from applicant to candidate. They will open the DoDMERB portal. An MoC nom typically will generate the exam request. LOA will also generate it. The reason why is in both cases you are now competing.
    ~ You cant get an appointment without a nom. If you have an LOA, you need that exam and a nom.

    OBTW, I dont kow about USMA, but USAFA opened the applications for 1st timers back in March. (PCQ) July is for 2nd time applicants. Many ROTC scholarship candidates (a/AF/NROTC) will have their applications submitted in July.

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