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Jan 26, 2008
Help! I am trying to write a letter to DoDMERB Waiver authorities that will persuade them to grant me a waiver. I am having serious writer's block about this. Can anyone who has been through this successfully give me any pointers?

State your name and address.
your ssn.
also put the date to the top and middle.

Write. I'm from so and so. I attend this school in this city.
I would like to go to this academy or Rotc program.
Tell them why you want it. Family back ground if you are military.
state what you what to do. Nursing for me. .
then ask for the waiver for this medical problem.

make it 10 lines about . no more. They are busy.

center it. make it look nice.
Just to clear things up, DoDMERB is not the waiver authorities. For information to get the the waiver authorities it goes through DoDMERB.

I would do everything that Bumblebee states, and include how this medical condition has affected you in your words. Don't go to the medical dictionary and pull the symptoms out of there, put down how YOU were affected. Write the treatment you received. Also state what activities you are currently participating in and how the disqualification limits your activities, if at all.

As for the 10 line limit, I wouldn't worry about that. The waiver folks read medical records all day, every day, but the medical records don't always tell the whole story. Getting the applicants view point on how a certain medical condition affects/affected him or her goes a long way.

Think of it this way, the physician writes in your medical records that you have a cold and a cough but no fever. What isn't stated in the medical records is how it limited you, did the cold cause difficulty with physical activities? How severe was the cough? These are the important items that do not always get into the medical records. Let the waiver authorities know how YOU have been affected by the disqualification.
Thanks for the advice! I just finished the letter.
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I want to repeat what HM1(Ret) stated. If DoDMERB has determined you do not meet the accession standards a letter explaining your medical condition is often very helpful. All letters are first reviewed by one of our senior enlisted reviewers, then forwarded to the physician responsible for your case for further review.

It is not necessary to state why you want to go to the specific program, nor how motivated you are. We know that all who are applying for a Service Academy or ROTC program are well motivated! What is most helpful is providing the DoDMERB staff with a complete understanding of all the details of the medical condition and treatment you received.

In some cases, the additional information we receive will result in a reconsideration of the disqualification at the DoDMERB level, when it is apparent that the diagnosis was in fact in error. What is most common is the disqualification is sustained, and the letter is forwarded to the waiver authority for their further review.

Again, DoDMERB's primary mission is to QUALIFY applicants. We only disqualify when there is documentation that an applicant's medical history or current physical condition does not meet the standards prescribed in the DoD accession standards.