dodmerb problems (again)?


10-Year Member
Jun 25, 2006
I was medically disqualified from WP after receving an LOA and nominations last year for being off ritalin for 10 months but not the required 12. I am reapplying to WP this year, but figured it would be a good idea to check on one thing before I put a great deal of effort into reapplying. Even though I have been off ritalin for well past the required year, am I still going to run into problems with DoDmerb? Any feedback would be extremely helpful!

As long as you have been off medication for the past 12 months, and are currently not receiving any additional educational assistance (i.e. extended time on tests, ect.) you should have no problems applying this year.

What may happen when you get put into the DoDMERB system for the new year is they may just go by the old examination and disqualification (a new physical is not needed if the previous one will be less than 2 years old by induction day), in which case you would receive a disqualification letter. All you would need to do then is write DoDMERB requesting a rebuttal to the disqualification and provide the reasons why the disqualification should be removed (been off medication over 12 months, ect.). DoDMERB may need some additional information or testing, but as long as you have already re-applied to WP, you should be in the DoDMERB system on 1 July, so there is plenty of time.