DODMERB records received?


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Aug 6, 2007
I received my physical and eye exam two weeks ago. My application status page shows "Mphysical records received 7/31/07" but I do not see that the Optometrist records have been received. I am concerned because the office personnel at the facility seemed confused as to where it should be sent. Will there be a seperate post stating that the Optometrist records have been received? How much time should I give before I call to check the status?

I don't believe that the two are broken down seperately. I can tell you that Concorde, Inc. will ensure that both the physical and optometry section are married together when they submit them to DoDMERB. If not, they don't get paid.

So for right now just keep your eye on the DoDMERB web page, and when the reviewer goes through your record your status will change.
I recall last year being concerned about the same thing - the Optometry record did get there just fine. It was confusing though.
Like Doc said just keep checking the DoDMERB website -then you will know for sure!
Thanks for the quick reply. This is a great resource while going through this process.
concorde advice

after 4 weeks of seeing no updates on the status, i contacted concorde, and the doctors office. The doctors office has 48 hours to submit the information. I was polite and basically wrote down who it was that iI talked to and what they said to me. It took a week of being politely persistent to get the doctors office to FIND the file. Then it took having a person at concorde to ask for the file otherwise it would of been sent in the next batch. The file was faxed to concorde, but alas, they forgot to fill it out correctly, back to the folks at concorde, asking for them to expedite the matter. Calling the doctors office and Begging for them to fill out the form correctly. and following it up with a Chief Petty officer from DODMERB. The Chief was outstanding and he called Concorde and pushed them as well. It can take polite persistance. DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM. If it has been more than 3 weeks take some initiative. We should have a DODMERB answer by Wednesday the Chief said.