DoDMERB Referral by CGO


Jun 15, 2006

Now that we are gearing up for the Class of 2012, could you help me clear something up. Literature specifically states that CGO will forward DoDMERB Medical request once the candidate's package is 50% complete. Does the CGIS/BGIS system automatically trigger this event or must it be physically activated by the CGO office?

I have two incidents where CGO has verbally indicated that it is MORE THAN 50% and I think one of them was the result of a 50% complete not being forwarded to DodMERB. I have always advised the 5 0f 8 in lieu of the 4 for 8 for this reason. Am I overreacting unnecessarily?
I'm not sure if it is an automatic deal by the CGO, or if someone has to push a button. I don't think you are overreacting at all, plus by getting 5 of the 8 the applicants are that much futher ahead of the game by that point.