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Dodmerb results

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Markcue, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Markcue

    Markcue 10-Year Member

    Jul 6, 2006
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    My daughter had the following listed on the dodmerb web page and I dont know how to interpret.

    D257.00 - Refractive error greater than -1.00 diopters in any meridian
    D257.80 - Substandard depth perception
    D256.00 - Sitting height less than 33 inches

    Does this disqualify her? Thanks for your help.
  2. RetNavyHM

    RetNavyHM 10-Year Member

    Jun 15, 2006
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    These are all "soft disqualifications" for Air Force. Air Force Academy breaks their applicants down into 3 medical groups, Potential Pilot Qualified, Potential Navigator Qualified and Commission Qualified. The items that you listed are only part of the admissions tool that USAFA uses. The main thing that you want to look at on the DoDMERB web site is the "Current Medical Status". If that does not say "Disqualified" or "Pending Waiver Review/Submission" then she has not been found disqualified.

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