Dodmerb Results


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Jan 18, 2007
Could you please tell me what this means?

Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver review
Does this mean the DQ is being sent to the waiver authorities or that it has already been sent?

D111.10 History of Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema

Also What does Sub Agency: # Main mean for USNA? It used to say NALOA

The "Remedial Status/Post Waiver review" means that the information has been forwarded to the waiver authorities for their review. I would contact the admissions officer at USNA to let them know that the disqualification was added to the file. USNA admissions are the ones who tell the wavier authorities which file to look at.

The #Main is a problem that DoDMERB is having with their web site, they are aware of if, and know that it should be NALOA. I can't tell you when it will be fixed, but I have made the DoDMERB IT section aware of it.