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Mar 26, 2008
Hi, I applying to class of 2013.

How soon will I be contacted for DoDMERB? On my candidate page when I go to the DoDMERB link and try to login I am not in the system. Do I initiate this or does the Naval Academy?

You'll be sent a letter by DoDMERB with all the required information. I'm not sure whether your application needs to be finished for them to send it, but I received my letter 2 weeks after I completed my application.
Dear kmjg2000

Reference: page 21, paragraph 3
“After the Naval Academy designates you as a candidate and you have completed five or more documents of the application, the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) will advise you how to begin the examination process.”

After the above has occurred, the USNA Admissions office will direct DoDMERB to schedule the applicant for the medical and optometric exams. This process occurs electronically. Within 3 business days, the applicant will be contacted by DoDMERB via letter and Concorde Inc, Philadelphia, PA (DoDMERB’s contracted examining corporation) with instructions as to who, where, and how an applicant may schedule their exams. The applicant will make their own appointments, convenient to their personal schedules. If you have additional questions, pls don’t hesitate to ask me.:thumb:

Larry Mullen
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To add onto MullenLE if you are military you can also have the physical done by the military...the Dodmerb letter does not recognize if you are a military dependent and just states which Doc you are assigned to for the physical, ours was a town physician. We called Dodmerb and they allowed us to go through our Flight Doc. Also if you apply for a ROTC scholarship, the same physical is accepted, at least for the AF. EXPECT a head to toe and everywhere in between :eek:
Approximately 90% of the DoDMERB exams are performed by Contracted physicians/optometrists (subcontracted by Concorde, INC). The reason for this is many military facilities have security issues, staff deployments, and staffing shortages. We also don’t want to impede access for the active duty military that require the services of the military facility. This process works very well to use contracted providers. We use all licensed providers and many who are board certified (initial exams). We describe the exam we want and they perform it as specified. It gives greater access and convenience to the applicants when they can schedule the exams themselves at nearby or local facilities.

For example, Colorado Springs has 3 major military installations....Ft Carson, United States Air Force Academy, and Peterson AFB. "Most" of the exams performed in Colorado Springs are performed by our Contractors centrally located in Colorado Springs.:thumb:

Thank you Mr. Mullen. As a parent of a candidate for the USNA 2013 class. Thank you for your posts. While I'm certainly not trying to "do" my son's application I'm acting a traffic cop i.e. making sure he gets the right thing to the right place on time. I had a fair amount of questions about this medical exam but after reading this board I've answered a lot of them. So I have no questions now but I certainly may have more in the future. Communications is where its at and this is an excellent place for it.
Thank Mr. Mullen. No wonder everyOne on this board things you are the best!
Thank you kmjg2000 and USNAp:thumb: