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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by swimmingeagle, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone can give me any insight into why my medical status has not changed on my West Point candidate portal. I have completed all the required items and all of my teacher recommendations have been submitted. I was determined to be one of the first in line, so everything was completed within a few weeks of returning from SLE. The only thing I have not done on my application is the Employer Evaluation. I have never had a job, so I was told by my ALO that I should just ignore the form and not submit anything for it. However, despite everything else being completed and submitted, my medical status is still stuck at "No Action".

    I am curious as to when West Point will initiate contact with DoDMERB and move my medical along. I have already completed the medical exams per the request of the Naval and Air Force Academies (they initiated the medical process almost a month ago now, my applications for Navy and Air Force are complete). I am qualified for Navy and Air Force, so I assume that I am qualified for West Point. It is my understanding that West Point just needs to give DoDMERB a "tap on the shoulder" and DoDMERB will simply tell West Point that I'm qualified and my application will be complete.

    I have already seen LOAs going out here on the forums as well as to people I've been staying in contact with from SLE, so this medical delay is really making me worry about my chances of receiving my own LOA.
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    A medical delay will have absolutely no bearing on whether you receive an LOA. Many, if not most, LOAs go out before the medical stuff is initiated. Receiving an appointment is dependent on passing the medical stuff.
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    Quite possibly, looking at the name, swimmingeagle, you came to SLE because you were a recruited athlete? If so, you need to contact the coach.

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