Nov 2, 2016

I am a second time applicant and I was medically cleared by DODMERB last year when I applied. My current application reached 50% completion a week or so ago and I have still not received an email from DODMERB. I called admissions and they told me to sit tight but I'm worried the wellness form won't come before the deadline. Has anyone waited a similar amount of time for this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance.
If you only reached the 50% complete mark last week, you really haven't given it enough time. On January 11th, you should probably be a bit more concerned that you're only barely halfway there.

Also, if you're a reapplicant your DODMERB from last year will still be valid so you won't need to do it again.

Edit - just saw that you did complete DODMERB last year.
DS is a reapplicant as well. Hit 50% mark in Dec. and it took a couple weeks to get a letter in the mail advising him to fill out a Present Health Questionnaire and fax/email/mail back. Simple 3 question form asking about changes since last exam.

DoDMERB home page says they are 10-15 days behind because of workload.
Your medical exam is good for two years. As the above poster noted, you just need to tell DODMERB whether anything significant has changed. Other parts of your application, including the CFA, must be new.

Medical need not be completed by Jan. 31. Has to be done to be offered an appointment.
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You will have plenty of time to complete the medical update. The application deadline is Jan 31 and I don't think that includes completing DoDMERB. Also, there is no reason for a college reapplicant to complete their application early. The SA will not act on your application until they see your college grades which are not available until January.