DODMERB waiver denied


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Feb 9, 2018
Hello all,
I have a 3 year type 7 scholarship for the Air Force and just graduated high schools. My waiver for AFROTC just got denied (I had a recurrent pneumothorax a little shy of 2 years ago that was then fixed with surgery). So now that it was denied, what now? Can I fight it? Who do I talk to? Should I try another branch? My world got flipped upside down this morning so really any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.
Yo should probably check with your unit to see if AFROTC is requesting a waiver. I think this usually happens automagically, but I'm not certain, and it can't hurt to call.
My waiver for AFROTC just got denied

Just to be clear, did you hear from DoDMERB that you were DQ or did you receive a notice from AFROTC that your medical waiver was denied?

If you heard from DoDMERB that you are DQ, kinnem's advice is spot on . . . get ready to respond to the remedials

If you've already been DQ'd, and have also now heard from AFROTC that your waiver is denied, how did you hear? Via the DoDMERB portal? email? There is usually a letter or email the AF sends when your medical waiver is denied. The letter doesn't always include information on how to appeal their decision, but you have the right to ask for an appeal. There should be a phone number in the letter you can call. When you do, be very respectful and ask what the path is for appeal of the decision and if there are any additional tests, exams, paperwork you can do on your own and supply for the appeal.

Truly best wishes . . .