Dodmerb waiver request now or wait


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Jan 22, 2008
Hi new to forums, I've been reading for awhile. My question is son was DQ'd for a history of pilonidal cystectomy within 6 months pending waiver process. The 6 months is up April 1. Do we wait to file the waiver or start the process now and when the 6 months is up let them know! He has been varsity wrestling (29 matches so far) and no problems. Our remedials included a letter from the surgeon stating he was fine with no effects expected in the future. Help! he has 4 four year scholarships offered and one to his top school of choice.
Go for the waiver now. If the waiver is granted then there is no need to get the disqualification removed. If, for whatever reason, the waiver is denied, then after 1 APR submit paperwork to DoDMERB to get the disqualification removed.
Thank you for your advice. May I ask what we should include in our waiver request. Should he see his surgeon again, get a letter from his wrestling coach? Or just have son write a letter requesting the waiver. Thanks again.
If you have a release to full activities statement from his physician I would include that, as well as a statement from your son describing what happened, what treatment he received, and what activities he currently participates in and how this is affecting him currently, if at all. Submit the physicians statement and your son's statement to DoDMERB, and a copy of your son's statement should go along, or be part of the waiver request.

The waiver request itself can be as simple as "I request a waiver for _______."
waiver granted

Thank you for all your help. My son's medical waiver was granted today. Less than two weeks after mailing. My son sent a letter stating what the problem was and how it was treated. He also sent a letter from his varsity wrestling coach and a letter from the physician that released him to all activities back in October. He is so happy and so are we. This board has been a tremendous support in understanding a system we are new to. Thanks again RetNavy.