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Feb 1, 2009
My son was medically qualified by DODMERB in October of 08 for the USMA. He reinjured his foot during a playoff football game in November and his doctor recommended surgery to place a screw in his fifth metatarsal (pinky toe). Surgery was conducted on 11/26/08 and the surgery was reported to DODMERB. They requested information about the surgery and it was sent. The orthpoedic surgeon wrote in his report that the surgery would not affect him athletically or on any activity for military training. My son has several football scholarship offers from other division I universities but would like to commit to Army. The dilema for us is....national signing day in 2/4/09 and coaches want to know tonight if he is going to sign with them or the USMA. We have been waiting for DODMERB several weeks......Does he commit to another college and play it safe, or does he wait for DoDMERB in the hopes that they clear him? Could he get a medical waiver? Please respond, college coaches will be calling tonight!!!
Here is the contact info for Mr. Mullen.... Send him an email!

If you have any questions regarding DoDMERB about policies, procedures, your specific case (I will have to verify who you are), or anything else, I am the DoDMERB official to provide you a response. I'm always available and in most cases, will respond immediately, but will respond within 24 hours on all cases.

My email address is ALWAYS open. I'm the DoDMERB Bureaucrat Buster. Give me a chance:)

Now that I've been at this for a while, I "usually" log in late at night and several times throughout the weekend. The issue is the fact that this is not an "official" site and the USAF maintains a very high level of internet security. So, I can't access the site from work---I must log in from home.

Thx in advance for your understanding, patience., and the opportunity to assist you

Larry Mullen
Deputy Director, Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB)
8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 132
USAFA, CO 80840-2200
From what I can see, I would play it safe and then I am guessing he could always change his mind later and decide to go to USMA? I don't think anyone would fault him for that, don't put all your eggs in one basket...
Could you defer the coaches to call tomorrow instead to give Mr. Mullen a chance to respond? If his DodMerb status is still "qualified"...hmm talk to Mr. Mullen...
I have not received an email and am going to bed. Thx to PM and JC.....:thumb: