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Apr 16, 2007
Does anyone know why "Admissions Status: In process" would no longer be showing on DODMERB site for candidate? It was there yesterday, but gone today. Does this suggest it is getting ready to change?
It looks like all of the "Admission Status" lines have been removed at the DODMERB website for all academies.

It's not just you, it appears to be system-wide.

On purpose, or an IT error is the real question. :wink:
I'm sure it is an IT issue. The DoDMERB IT folks are busy trying to correct their issues I'm sure. But feel free to send an e-mail to the DoDMERB web master to let them know. The link is on the main DoDMERB web page.

I realize that DoDMERB is having IT problems but my sons status change is dated yesterday, but of course, the actual updated status is not showing. He has been waiting for this, like many others, on pins and needles. He called DoDMERB and there is an answering machine that says representatives are not available at this time, please hang up and call at another time. Frustrating :bang:
jp@89 I understand the frustration. DoDMERB closed early (around noon Mountain Time) due to some unexpected building construction, so I'm not sure if that is why your son got the message or not. The IT issues have been just as frustrating for the DoDMERB folks as well. Feel free to send an e-mail to the DoDMERB webmaster.
Hi all-

I spent several frustrating times trying to get through to them. Would have been nice to know they were actually closed as opposed to "please hang up and try your call again". :unhappy:

To make matters more frustrating... I spoke to USNA admissions and they informed me that there was "new" remedial information regarding my D but would not discuss it with me. Had to wait for her to get home from school for her to call the academy and instead of it being an answer to the waiver issue we have been waiting about 6 weeks for it turns out to be a brand NEW issue they have brought up :bang: ..... now.... after all this time !! They said it has been showing up for over a week and were surprised we were unaware of it.

Does this happen often? Can we put much faith in what we see in on the Dodmerb website if there has been no mention of this new remedial?

Thanks- we are so stressed about this.
Hi, kgrmom

When you state that you were waiting to hear about a waiver, do you mean that you had already submitted new remedials requested by the waiver authorities, or that a waiver was requested and now they are asking you for new remedials in order to reevaluate her medical file and process the waiver request?
If it is the second scenario it is perfectly normal. If you or the academy requested a waiver for a dq that you daughter received, they are now asking you to provide them with additional remedials regarding that condition.
It does take between 4 to 8 weeks to hear back from dodmerb after the waiver has been requested.
Now if scenario # 1 is the case, God help us all, this would be a confusing, disastrous mess. I have read over and over again from Retnavy though, that Dodmerb issues all the reasons for dq at the same time....
My D's original and only DQ was for Headaches (issued back in Oct)- we finally got all the info together and sent in, along with a letter as suggested by Retnavy. We contacted Dodmerb a couple weeks ago and they informed us that they had reviewed her file and forwarded it on. (we assume to the "waiver folks"). So, as of last week the only DQ was Headaches.

Now- we are told by the academy, there is a Remedial request showing up for motion sickness (which we had listed on the original physical forms and she hasn't had since she was 12). We treated it with Dramamine and never even saw a Dr. for it. This item doesn't show up anywhere on the Dodmerb website.

I guess that would be under the "God help us all" category?

Are we doing something wrong here. In addition to this little item- she does wear glasses and there has been nothing listed about that anywhere. God forbid that little item crop up later :help:
...they informed me that there was "new" remedial information.... Does this happen often?

Don't know about "often," but it happened to us. The DQ's/remedials didn't all show up all at once.

Well after we responded to my son's original remedial (which later turned into a DQ) a second remedial showed up. However,
we were able to rebut the original one and receive a waiver for the 2nd. You also still have time to resolve everything.

kgrmom said:
...In addition to this little item- she does wear glasses...

As long as the myopia is within -6.00/+6.00 for USNA she should be OK.

Otherwise another DQ may yet again show up.

PS - The motion sickness remedial will probably require you to fill out this form: Motion Sickness Questionnaire

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If it's any consolation, the same thing just happened to us. D was DQed in October, approved to seek a waiver and was sent remedials. Those remedials were completed (with a positive result) and sent in and now there are new and different remedials for the same condition. Not only are there new remedials, DoDMERB is now saying they do not have her 'reading aloud' test. This was something that had been lost at the very beginning between the examining facility and Concorde and was confirmed as complete in September by Concorde after we had the examining facility refax it. I am now wondering if her file was fully reviewed by DoDMERB the first time around because it appears that the test did not make it from Concorde to DoDMERB in the first place, who knows?

Last week most of the lines in her online DoDMERB record vanished for about 2 days and we were directed to IT. I sent an email to the webmaster when IT did not call back and the email bounced. Then all the old lines and some new ones turned up for awhile and now some of the new lines are missing (eg the date her exam was reviewed after first round of remedials, etc).

On the new remedial, there were no codes listed online so we called DoDMERB to get the codes (not wanting to spend the weekend waiting for the letter).

So others are feeling your pain!
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I don't know if this helps relieve some of the EEK factor or not, but after speaking with someone at Dodmerb the explaination was that there was nothing "new" in my D's file- The blame was placed on some "new" in the academy admissions office who apparently doesn't know how to read the file very well and therefore gave us incorrect information over the phone. What admissions told us was something that was there from the beginning and they were misinterpreting what they were seeing. Who knows at this point.:eek: