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Sep 21, 2007
Hey there, I am a high school senior who is applying to early action at the Coast Guard Academy. I have 2 questions. One, how long does it take to get the dodmerb forms in the mail after you applied. Two, do I have a good chance with a 610 CR, 600 math 590 writing 11/12 essay.... and a 27 ACT overall score... Here are also my activities etc.

Salesianum School, 1801 North Broom Street, Wilmington, DE: Expected Graduation June 2008
Honors & Awards: Principal's List (for GPA of 4.0 or higher), First Honors, President's Award for Education Excellence 2006 and 2007

Leadership and Extracurricular Activities
Boy's State, Dover, Delaware (11th Grade)
Student Ambassador (9th Grade)
National Honor Society (11th and 12th Grade)
Member of the Junior Student Board of Council
Salesianum Spirituality Commission (11th and 12th Grade)
Respect Life Committee (10th, 11th, and 12th Grade)
Salesianum Spirituality Team (12th Grade)
Salesianum representative at the 18th annual Delaware Driver's Education Competition (10th Grade)
Spring Track (9th and 11th Grade, 12th Grade anticipated)
Winter Track (11th Grade, 12th Grade anticipated)
Salesianum Stage Crew - Sound Board Operator (9th and 10th Grade)
Military Club (12th Grade)
Ultimate Frisbee Club (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade)
Chess Club (9th and 10th Grade)
Intramural Tennis (9th, 10th, and 12th Grade)
Intramural Flag Football (9th and 10th Grade), Captain of Intramural Flag Football team (9th Grade)

Service and Community Activities
Saint Anthony of Padua Italian Festival: Volunteer kitchen assistant (10th and 12th Grade)
Sophomore Seeds of Service Day: Food Bank of Delaware (10th Grade)
Salesianum Open House Volunteer (9th, 10th and 11th Grade)
Altar Server at Saint Anthony of Padua Church (9th Grade)
March for Life: Washington D.C. (9th, 10th, and 11th Grade)
Volunteer kitchen assistant at Jeanne Jugan Nursing Home, Little Sisters of the Poor (10th Grade)

A little long... but any response on either topic would be great
Thanks - Ryan
I'm not sure when USCGA submits applicants names to DoDMERB (how far along in the application process). Once DoDMERRB receives the applicants name, the next day it is forwarded to the physical examination contractor, From there they send out a scheduling letter. Over all it takes about a week and a half for the applicant to get the information from the time the SA submits the applicants name to DoDMERB.
Thank you very much for that info. The dodmerb notified the contractor 2 days ago, so i should get it soon then. Thanks again
Two, do I have a good chance with a 610 CR, 600 math 590 writing 11/12 essay.... and a 27 ACT overall score...

The only sure way to know is to apply and find out.

Your scores are below their median. I would recommend you take them again, but that's a decision only you can take. You may feel that your multiple EC's make up for a below-average SAT/ACT.

You didn't post your class rank. SAT/ACT and class rank are much more important than GPA.

And IMHO, your leadership positions in sports looks below average (the majority (54%) of Cadets were team captains on their high school sports teams).

Here are the stats from USCGA:

Class of 2011

  • 3,345 applicants
  • 391 appointments offered
  • 272 Cadets sworn in
  • 22% in top 5% of high school class
  • 49% in top 10% of high school class
  • 85% in top 25% of high school class
  • 97% in top 50% of high school class
  • Standardized Test Scores:
  • Median SAT: 640 Math, 610 Verbal, 1250 Combined
  • Median ACT: 29 Math, 30 English

Corps of Cadets (student body)

  • 992 Cadets enrolled
  • 49 states and 10 foreign nations represented
  • 100% of students housed on campus
  • 25.5% play a varsity sport
  • 23 varsity athletic teams (20 division III, 3 division I)
  • 27.4% of Cadets are women
  • 13.7% of Cadets are minorities
  • 88% earned a varsity letter in high school (as of 12/06)
  • 54% were team captains in high school (as of 12/06)
  • 25% were in a band or orchestra (as of 12/06)
  • 30% were officers in student government (as of 12/06)
  • 29.5% attended AIM
  • 72.8% intend a technical major
  • 27.2% intend a major in Government or Management
  • 1 faculty member for every 9 students
  • 19 Cadets in an average class
  • 2 graduates are NASA astronauts
  • 80% of graduates go to graduate school (most paid by the Coast Guard)
  • 85% of graduates choose to serve beyond their 5-year commitment
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Hmmm.... class rank last time i checked(freshman year) was like 83/287 or something, but I have done much better since then.... They won't tell us our class rank any more for some reason... I really have most of my leadership in with academic things, I'm going for team captain in track and all(usually reserved for the seniors), but those have not come yet this year and might be too late. Also my sat was 25 English, 27 math, 29 reading, and 28 science. The Dodmerb must be getting better as well, I got my forms 3 days after the contractor was notified 1 day after my application.
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I would say you are competitive. Take the SAT's again. You may not get Early Action but you could become an alternate. That's how my son got in and he had 1400 SAT's.

Good luck and keep us posted!:thumb: