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Nov 3, 2007
For the DoDMERB what do they generally look at for disqualifications? I know I've had asthma as a younger child, but I'm perfectly fine now and I feel that I've out grown it. Do they look at this as a possible disqualification? Same goes for allergies, due to my asthma I underwent allergy tests and they came up negative. I've also been prescribed medications for my asthma on a precautionary measure, yet I haven't used them since I'd say I was 10. Do they look at the fact that I had to take allergy tests and that I've been prescribed medications and automatically disqualify me or do they see the fact that they came out negative and I don't use the medicine? All help is appreciated.

If you were prescribed medications for asthma after your 13th birthday, then DoDMERB will most likely disqualify you. When you put down on your medical history form your history of asthma, DoDMERB will request copies of all medical records from the age of 10 till present.

If, as you state you have had a prescription renewed for asthma medications after the age of 13, then DoDMERB will disqualify. Once you have been disqualified, I would write a letter explaining your situation, and mail that to DoDMERB. They will forward it to the waiver authorities. If, as you state, you never used the medication, then you should have a good chance at receiving a waiver.
Thanks for the post, I understand it a little better now.
Will anything show up on the DoDmerb site saying that they forwarded the letter/new information to the waiver authorities. They have had my new stuff for a week and I haven't seen anything new yet... :confused:
There will be no notification on the web site if additional information was sent to the waiver authorities. I would give DoDMERB a call and they will be able to tell you when it was forwarded on.
I don't mean to differ from my RetNavy just said, but something just changed on my DoDMERB website. I'm not sure if it was an error, but here is the sequence of events shown....

17-JUL-07 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
17-JUL-07 Application Added
15-AUG-07 Actual date of exam
30-AUG-07 Date exam received at DoDMERB
30-AUG-07 Medical data entry
04-SEP-07 Date exam reviewed
05-SEP-07 Date letter sent - Remedial
07-NOV-07 Date letter sent - Disqualification D004.00, D225.30
07-NOV-07 Date letter sent - Disqualification D004.00, D225.30
07-NOV-07 Date exam reviewed
07-NOV-07 Date Posted To Waiver Authority
14-NOV-07 Date exam reviewed

The last one was today...I'm not sure if it means they reviewed something I sent or what...a little confusing.
The "14-NOV-07 Date exam reviewed" means that for whatever reason the reviewer who is working your case "ran rules", meaning that the reviewer either added or removed a remedial or disqualification from your file. It does not necessarily mean that any additional information was forwarded to the waiver authorities. The only way to find out if additional information was forwarded to the waiver authorities is to call and ask.
Ah, that must be the disqualification for braces that I'm getting removed. Thank you.

That was it! I checked the website and the DQ for my braces was removed. For once, things are going my way with DoDMERB.
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