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Aug 1, 2006
I just received my DODMERB packet in the mail today to start the process for the Academies as well as ROTC. However, I cannot log into the student site- it asks for my social security number and my last name but it won't let me in when I input this. I was wondering if I have to schedule my appointments before being able to log on? Any other help with the DODMERB process would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
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Hi Kathleen,

I got my DoDMERB paperwork today in the mail today I was able to log in begin all of the medical questions and and I have not scheduled my exams yet. So in my case I was able to log right in to the student site.

Hang in there,

did you use the dodmets website that is on the paperwork?
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I am now in touch with Kathleen and will have all resolved on Monday. It was a matter of DoDMERB receiving an incorrect SSN (the last digit was off by one). Thx for the opportunity to assist:thumb:
I just wanted to say Thank you to MullenLE! He immediately notified me after my post on Saturday night and even called me to get everything squared away- DODMERB had my wrong Social Secuirty number. Throughout the whole weekend, he enlisted his staff to help me out and to get it changed for me so I can continue on my application process and this morning everything was good to go! He has been a great resource so far for all of my DODMERB related questions and I really encourage everyone to use his expertise! Thank you again Mr. Mullen!
Our pleasure indeed. Thx for giving us the opportunity:thumb: