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Sep 12, 2006
Ok so I got my Dodmerb stuff in the mail today. I went to that med site and reistered, and I have all the forms . Do you know what I do next? Do I scheulde my eye exam, and then the physical. or do I have to fill out a form first and them mail it some where. I have no Idea what I am doing for once in my life. LOL!

Yes, you schedule both exams ASAP. Tell each doc you're a candidate, and they should try to schedule you same day, if at all possible.

Even if you got the hard copy of the forms in the mail as did my son, the forms should be online and you can fill them out there, and then run a hard copy for yourself. Take it with you to the exam just in case the docs don't have, or their computer burped. The docs then submit the results while you wait and watch the sight for the word "QUAlIFIED : USCGA".

Good luck USCGA! You've been prepping for a good long while, and now's your time to shine.
another question!

Since I was born in Russia and adopted at 4 years old. I was wondering when I have my medical they can't really do a medical history exam on me because Russia doesn't keep medical records so what does that mean, they just wouldn't look at that. I maen theres no way of finding my birth parents medical records and I dout they are going to go on a wild goose chase to find out that there isn't any way of getting them because they have never existed...

If a request is done for birth to present medical records, you answer just the way you did above. DoDMERB isn't going to make you provide medical records that don't exist. On the medical history, if there is something you don't know, answer "adopted at 4 years old".