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Jun 22, 2006
My daughter is a candidate for 2011. DoDMRB physical finished via the contractor (bad experience, I might add - doctor didn't see her until nearly 3 hours after scheduled time slot and were incredibly rude, not to mention the area of town we were in or the nature of patients in the waiting room! glad I went with her - wouldn't let her drive in that area of town alone! Questions:

1) daughter believes they measured hight incorrectly (1-1/2" shorter than she really is). This has a big factor on weight chart. Even given her accurate height her weight is high but she is very athletic and her body fat calculation is 26% (we think?). If they use the height the Doc-in-the-Box contractor DoDMRB figured, then she is at 30% body fat. Using the height we measured at home, she is only 26%. How do I get the height corrected? To get the body fat we did the neck, hip, wrist, arm, height/weight thing with all the "factors" we found on the web. (something like weight plus the hip factor for a total. Then the "factor" for all the rest subtracted from that sum to get the body fat.) I found the charts online - but it was sure hard to find. Men seem to have an easier calculation (just neck subtracted from waist). Nonetheless, now we wonder how to correct an erroneous height measurments. Any suggestions? Heard a rumor of someone in our area who went to AFA two years ago who had same thing happen - and his family spent nealry $5k in legal fees to force DoDMRB to take the height as measured by their family physician. We don't have a spare $5k stitting around so would like suggestions on what to do in this situtation.

2) Does she need a dental exam? Didn't see that with DoDMRB packet. Will one we sent at a later time? Older daughter got an ROTC scholarship 5 years ago and I am certain she had to go through dental.

Candidate for 2011's mom,

If your daughter believes that her height/weight are incorrect, feel free to get remeasured by her family physician and mail that in to DoDMERB (I'll put the address at the end of this) with her name and SSN attached to the remeasurement (not in the envelope. Put a note stating that you feel the measurments were incorrect and you are just updating her information.

A dental examination is no longer required for the DoDMERB examination. That requirement was removed 3 years ago.

If you have complaints about the contracting examination facility please address your concerns to SMSgt Weyer or Mr. Mullen at DoDMERB. I would place this into a different envelope than the remeasurement. DoDMERB is unable to make it to all the contract exam facilities so they rely on applicants and thier parents to let them know about any issues.

The address is:
(Attn: SMSgt Weyer or Mr. Mullen (for your concerns about the examining facility, not for the medical information))
8034 Edgerton Dr. Suite 132
USAFA, CO 80840

Hope this helps!
On a side note, the DoDMERB staff is VERY friendly and VERY helpful. They won't hassle you, just make sure to keep all records and be patient. Remember, yall have several months before March. (Even then you have another 3 months)
Thanks - I know we have some time yet - she is so intent on going to an academy that I want to be sure that if she does her part and gets in, no outside mistake keeps her out. I see how much work she is putting into ensuring that she a) gets accepted and b) gets a nomination. In the case of DoDMRB stuff - reading things here makes one wonder how difficult they will be to deal with! She felt like they had the wrong height nearly from the beginning (not early enough to ask for a re-measure at the office though since they said it in inches and she knows her height in feet plus inches. I know they were a hassle for the dental side with my older daughter when she got her ROTC scholarship.

One more thing - now that her medicals are done, if DoDMRB wants some more info is there a time limit on getting it to them? She is away on a foreign exchange for the rest of the summer (she miraculously fit the medical in the day before she left the country!) so if they need something with a short turn around we have a glitch. I guess we'd just have to tell them she is out of the Country until mid August . . .
Thanks again for the help.
I had my weight and height incorrectly measured by the DODMERB contractor. I didn't know until West Point sent me a letter saying that I was overweight by army standards and i needed to lose about 20 lbs by R-day. Or have a body fat test done by my school nurse. I just had my school nurse measure and weigh me correctly and send it in. There were no more problems after that.
You don't need to meet a quick deadline. Of course they will say ASAP, but you can wait till she gets back before anything needs to go in. However, chances are they would request previous medical records first, before more testing, so you'll be taking time gathering those anyways. She can enjoy her time away without worrying. :)
DoDMERB will keep the files open forever (when I left there were still files open form 2000). If DoDMERB requests information, the letter will say that it needs to be completed within "x" number of days (can't remember off the top of my head), but the file never closes out, and as long as the information is recevied before school starts you'll be fine.