Does a LOA "expire"?


Mar 16, 2017
I got a LOA in February. The only thing I need is a medical qualification, but I've been going through the DoDMERB process since September and I'm still going through it now. Is it possible for my LOA to expire, like if it takes longer than May 1st, or God forbid, through June?
Yes. If your medical doesn't clear, you will not be admitted. You may get a waiver, but it sounds like you're in a holding pattern.
Not really. Your LOA is good in theory until I-Day. However, your medical must clear in order for you to be appointed. If at some point, it becomes clear that your medical situation will not be resolved before I-Day or they decide not waive your condition, you'll be turned down for medical reasons. How close to I-Day they get before letting you know probably depends on your medical issue (and there's no need to discuss it here).